Friday, February 04, 2005

Lazy Bone

I have been wanting to blog ever since exposed to DoubleHappiness’s blog. Been persuaded to blog by DoubleHappiness as well, and finally made a promise in MMB to start one.

I tried signing up, but stuck at the registration – what name should I give to my blog? I do not want to use my real name, and I also do not want to use my son’s name (I still want more children, then the siblings will be jealous in the future leh?!). So, what name to use? Discussed with
DoubleHappiness, is it really because of name issue or because I was just too lazy and tried finding excuses for myself?! Then I told DoubleHappiness I am such a LazyBone… She thought this is a good name! There I go…

Talking about being lazy, actually who is not lazy? I work so hard now, because I am lazy – I want to live a lazy life in the future… When I was still schooling, my friends asked me what was my hobbies, I always say “Sleep and Eat”. Yes, I love sleeping. I used to be called ‘sleeping beauty’ in school – not that I was pretty, but I am well known for loving to sleep and able to sleep in any conditions. I am always seen sleeping in the class, in front of teachers, in bus/train, etc.

When F6, teachers usually didn’t bother whether we paid attention in school or not. And I always dozed off during the Mathematics and PA classes. Once, after school, I attended a tuition class. Seated in the first row, I suddenly felt so sleepy, tried holding on my eyelids with my 4 fingers (2 fingers from each hand)… the next thing I realized was, I fell asleep with my eyes opened (forced opened by my fingers) and the tuition teacher staring at me!

Those are the day when I could enjoy 10-hr sleep a night…

Now, after Ian was born, 8 hr sleep is already a luxury to me. On average 6 hour is very good! Oh, goodbye my sleep golden era!!! Sayonara!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

EBM in Aircraft Toilet

LazyBone: “Excuse me, I need to use the toilet for about 30 min to express my breastmilk. I just want to inform you first, so you are aware of this and won’t wonder what happen to me whether I fainted in the toilet or not.”

Crew: “Oh, sure, I’ll let my colleagues know as well.”

---- in the toilet ---

[Ding-dong! Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, tanda isyarat memasang tali keledar baru dipasangkan. Sila kembali ke tempat duduk anda dan pasangkan tali keledar….]
LazyBone: “Oh! Not again!!! I was just half way through, why is the ride so bumpy! Should I continue or should I quit and go back to my seat??!!”

--- back to the cabin ---
[open and close the toilet door]
Crew: “Hi! How was the session? Was it ok?”

LazyBone: “Oh! I had to end earlier due to the announcement.”

Crew: “Well, actually you can still continue to express in the toilet…”

LazyBone: “Really? Then I better go back and finish it off.”

Crew: “… but it may just spurt to everywhere in the toilet! Hahahahaha!”
(burst into laughter)

My job requires a lot of traveling. As a breastfeeding and frequent-travel mother, expressing in the aircraft is like everyday life to me. What I hate most when expressing in the aircraft is when the whether turns bad. It gets very frustrating when half way doing my ‘business’, suddenly the plane got bumpy and seat belt sign turned on. I always have to choose between to risk my life continue expressing in the small toilet, or to stop expressing and return to my seat.

Unfortunately, it was just my luck that almost EVERYTIME when I expressed in the plane I experienced this. Most of the time I would just ignore and continue expressing – who would want to give up when the let-down just started?!

Today, I was on my way to Beijing, same thing happened. The above was my conversation with the airline crew. He was a very humorous guy, with a wife who is breastfeeding a baby less than 3 month old. He was very interested to find out how to store and keep ebm – which I regretted very much that I didn’t bring with me the
MMB brochure!