Sunday, April 22, 2007

Win $70 plus prizes by guessing AhBoon's Traffic

AhBoon is now giving out USD70 for whoever can guess his site's traffic most accurately for the month of April. Well, actually USD70 is to be paid if you can get the ACTUAL number of page views. If no one can get the actual number, USD40 will be given to the one with the closest guess.

AhBoon is a friend of mine, and I feel very much to support him, so irregardless of my busy schedule lately (hence very little update) I still want to participate. :P

His site is actually very popular, but seriously I sometimes find it rather embarrassing to visit his site, coz got a little of humsup thingy. :P But they are not that revealing lah, so is still not 'sam kap' yet. ;)

He actually asked us for opinion on his best post and worst post, I find it hard to tell which is worst, but I particularly liked his post on the Hiroshima war pics (very controversial with lots of comments), and the one video about no seat belt.

I always think he has done a very good job in his blog. From what he has posted, I can tell he has done a lot of research/homework before he is able to write those stuff. I do hope he can maintain his good quality.

Now, come to guessing his April traffic...
His first 7-day total pages loaded was 49,854
Second 7-day total pages loaded was 35,861
Third 7-day total pages loaded was 65,857

I did a simple projection, if nothing is changed, he should have 202,096 (4 weeks projection) or 216,531 (30 days projection) pages.

But I also think there must be a lot of people like to do last minute guessing, so am predicting more visits in the final few days. So, would like to top up another 2 days to it.

My guess of total page load is: 230,966 pages. That's my guess from this blog. If I have time, I might do another guess in my other blog.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Bra Codes











AND, just a thought for all the women out there........

MENtal illness, MENstrual cramps, MENtal breakdown, MENopause............

Ever notice how all of women's problems start with men?.........And

When we have real trouble it's HISterectomy!!!!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

How Jeremy Clarkson Destroys Perodua Kelisa

Witness how Jaremy Clarkson Destroys Perodua Kelisa. I don't know him and his programs, watched this for the first time only. Well, seriously I am not that fond of this type of program. I imagined, what if this Kelisa has feelings? It was anxiously to serve its new owner, right after 'birth', and what it faced was torture to death... Okay, okay, it is all personified, all my imaginations... Now, watch the video yourself.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Managing Blogs

I wonder how Shopping Mum manages her blogs. She has SIX blogs! They are:
Shopping Mum, My Filling Station, My Mothering Corner, Shoppingmum's Home Office, All about Beauty, My Kids and Family

I have only 3 blogs (ahem! 'only'), and I am already suffering, trying to juggle my time and resource (info/data) for each of them. I don't want to keep blogs with low ranking, and unfortunately I still struggle with this blog and the other one. The PPP opportunities are mostly qualified for Suzette only. I really sallute Shopping Mum for being so capable! Wonder if there is any secret, apart from being a SAHM (or WAHM now?)... :P

Cook Egg With Mobile Phones

We have heard about mobile phone's wave is bad for health, but the manufacturers claim it is safe.

Alright, now two journalists decided to test it by creating a simple microwave structure as shown below, with the phone in conversation mode:

After 65 min, the egg was cook! Imagine what will that do to you if you put two mobile phones in your pants' pockets and you talk with wireless earphones? What will that do to your... :P?

For more detail, read the source: Sharing Everything In Life, a very interesting blog.