Saturday, November 03, 2007

Fresh Pistachio from China

When you buy pistachio nuts from countries like Australia, it can easily reach RM100+. At least that was the amount my mom paid when she visited Melbourne.

Last week she spent her holiday in JiuZaiGou in China. Bought a pack of fresh pistachio for only RM15. They are really unprocessed and we need to peel off the hard shell to eat the nuts.

This is the first time I see fresh pistachio.

When I first saw it, I thought it was a pack of Cadbury chocholates! Image005

At first, we were so stupid, used hammers to knock the shell - lots of hassle to eat that tiny nut inside. As a result of that, no one really interested in them. A day later, my sister realized that a tool is provided! The tool looks like a key, is made of steel, with thin edge to be inserted in the natural crack of the nuts and with a slight twist the nut can be pry open easily!

Look, this is the key and the nut (looks like a chocolate, right?):

Can you see the hairline crack on the nut?

Just insert the key like this and then twist.

Pop! The shell is opened and the nut is ready to be tasted!
Image003 Image011

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Traveling to Europe

DH is now in Germany and Denmark for a product training. I have so many expiring Enrich reward points that I really wished to go with him to save some accommodation, but then he is traveling with another male colleage and they share room. :(

Many people would join their hubby like this, and take the opportunity to extend the stay and go to other European countries like Italy's Rome (one of my dream place), Prague, Barcelona and other nearby places.

I hope DH is going again next year. Have heard of how beautiful Germany is, really wish to see it myself...