Monday, July 18, 2005

NKF Scandal

Recently I have been reading this news about NKF case in Singapore with interest. Really disappointed with the way they handle the money. (More info here)

Imagine, when I donate my money to the diabetic patients, I expect my money to be used to help them as directly as possible.

I would least want my money to be sponsoring those high level guys flying on first class, getting highly paid salary (many times higher than my own), using expensive luxury cars and toilets, etc.

When I was approached by a NKF represented agency few years ago in Amcorp Mall, and requested for regular contribution, I nearly signed up, but I didn't. I took their form, verified information with NKF later, and then I called the sales rep for appointment. He didn’t show up.

Then I called NKF office and asked for another sales rep. No body bothered me.

I presume their ‘business’ is so good that they don’t even bother to ‘service’ donors like me…

Then I made my contribution to MAA, also for diabetic patients. This MAA is definitely a registered organization because I did get my income tax refund on this donation.

This whole thing really bothered me. First of all, why would NKF assign a third party agency to help raising fund for them? What would the agency charge them? I’m pretty sure this agency is not doing this as charity for free, as they do employ quite a lot of ‘SALES’ reps, who earn commissions.

I did ask NKF how can they make donations into a ‘sales’, and part of our monthly contribution goes to this third party agency? They avoided my question by asking me to write in.

Now after reading the news in Singapore, I am glad I did not sign up with the donation program. I would like my money to be used in a better way. If somebody is going to get rich with MY money, I wish that the ‘somebody’ were I, LZBONE. Hehehe!

p/s: Just a quick summary of what NKF (National Kidney Foundation) Singapore did (abstract modified from The Star):

NKF had sued Singapore Press Holdings over an article last year that stated a gold-plated tap had been installed and later replaced in the private bathroom of the CEO's (TT Durai) office suite. NKF said the article had damaged the charity's reputation by implying that donors' funds were being misused. Last week, in the court, after his salary (S$600,000 (RM1.3mil))and perks generated major media coverage in the city-state, Durai and the foundation withdrew their lawsuit. He also conceded he flew first class when travelling overseas, although he insisted he was entitled to the benefits of “every other CEO.” NKF describes itself on its website as “the largest charitable organisation in Singapore” and the “largest not-for-profit dialysis provider in the world.”

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blog About Travelling? No Way!

When I started this blog, I really had no idea what I wanted this blog to be. Initially, I though this blog is like my EventBook. Knew already that this cannot be.

So, I thought, hmm… since I travel a lot, why don’t I blog about traveling stories.

But… my traveling stories are so boring! I am doing BUSINESS traveling, not traveling for holiday! It is extremely boring to travel like this: Airport – Hotel – Office – Hotel – Airport.

I really envy my best friend, who is currently with a Swedish company. She doesn’t travel as frequently as I do, but when she travels, there are people who really look after her. ‘The other side’ would arrange everything for her, at least for the 1st time. They bring her out for sight seeing, recommend places she can visit or things that she can do.

She has been to Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and etc. The names of the places already sound exotic. Compared to mine: Houston, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Beijing, Delhi, Sabah and Sarawak.

What she does is Travel – Hotel – SIGHTSEEING – Meeting – SIGHTSEEING – Hotel – Travel. On meeting days, she only works during office hour 9-to-5. After 5: FOOD and REST and SIGHTSEEING.

As for me? On meeting days, I only rest 4 hours max. 7am to 9pm: in meetings/discussions. 9pm-11pm: dinner (with the same boring people talking about work over the table). Back to the room at 12 midnight. After refreshed myself, got to work on emails and prepare stuff for next day - usually ends at 3am or until I am too tired to go on. I really have to make an effort to sightsee, and I will be ALONE. Sob! Sob!

So, who will be interested to read my blog if I write this kind of stuff? I am not even interested to write this – only for this time.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New to PPS

5xmom and twinsmom both encouraged pinging to PPS. It was new to me. I registered some time ago, haven’t used it yet.

OK, since they both preached for PPS, I’m giving it a try today. Actually I am not quite sure I really want traffic or not… must be something good, otherwise people will not be whoring for traffic (as said by 5xmom).

But the thought of it is kind of scary too. Sure or not you want so many people reading your blog??!! Anyway, got traffic is still better than no traffic lah! :D