Saturday, June 25, 2005

Another Beijing Trip

After grounded for 2 months, traveling starts again! Last week went to Tanjong Jara, and this week in Beijing (again). Flew on Mon night flight, arrived at 6am, meeting starts at 10am.

At first, thought of sleeping through the flight. Then was asked to be seated next to a newly joined colleague, “so that we can talk on the journey” – as said by the guy’s boss. Luckily my boss was so nice, before the flight she told the new guy to let me sleep. That guy changed his seat when he checked in – I felt a little ‘paiseh’! :p

Anyway, on Tuesday (first) night, we went to 老舍茶馆 (Lao She tea house), which has some great performance on 京剧 (Beijing Opera). The greatest one was 变脸 (face-change). Love it! This is a place must go!

Actually, I wanted to visit Beijing Underground City (北京地下城), but strange enough none of the locals or taxi drivers ever heard of it. I searched the web, and finally found 2 reports on this:
Part 1
Part 2

Looks like only the hotel’s concierge also knows about this place. With the help from the web and the concierge, the taxi finally managed to take me there on Thursday morning. Not exactly sending me to the right place. He just dropped me off around that area, and I had to walk for around 10 min to get to the place. I had to ask around.

It is no big deal about the place, but I have to say it is worth visiting: can’t believe the people can dig out such huge underground city that can accommodate 300,000 people. The place connects all places, and can even go to Tianjin. It is just so amazing. Well, when I said ‘no big deal’ is because the place they open for tourist is only very small area – quite disappointing.

I paid RMB 20, for a guided tour. They will not allow anyone go in without a guide because there have been cases where people got lost. It only took me 30 min to finish the tour. So, this can be done during lunch hour, or early in the morning before office hour. They open from 8:30am till 6pm.

They don't allow photography inside, but I still managed to get a photo with my phone. :D

BJ Underground CityBJ Underground City (inside)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Book Tag

I was tagged by mama22beas on this. Msau made this tag so interesting by using photos of the books, so I copy her idea here.

I have to modify the tag slightly because I don’t really read those ‘meaningful’ books, can’t find that many to blog. :p

1) Total number of books that I’ve owned:
I presume this is for ‘current’ + at ‘home’ (excl. other places). I have around 250 books in my apartment now.

2) The last book I bought:
Left Behind SeriesActually is a whole series of 12 books minus 1, bought secondhand from a MPH staff. It is ‘Left Behind’ series, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. One book is missing. Does anyone have book 11 (Armageddon) and wish to sell it? Please, please I want it!

Last Juror3) The last book I read: ‘The Last Juror’ by John Grisham.

4) Book(s) I am reading NOW: I have a habit of not finishing one book then start another one, so I have 4 books that I have started but not finished yet, all alternated depends on my mood.

  • ChiXi我在慈禧身边的日子 (金易)
  • Taken'Taken' by Thomas Cook based on a TV series (shown in ASTRO before but I missed it).
  • 楚留香 (Palm’s e-book version)
  • The Arabian Nights (Palm’s e-book version)

5) 5 books that mean a lot to me (or I enjoyed reading):
a) Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden
GeishaI read the 1st edition, borrowed from a friend in 2002. Loved it so much, cried so much about it, and then bought it for myself.

b) Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad Poor DadRecommended by DH. I read the English version 4 years ago, lend the book to friends, never got it back. DH won lucky draw and got this Chinese version.

c) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret – J. K. Rowling
Harry PotterNever thought a ‘children book’ is so interesting to read. I was basically hooked when I was reading this particular one, read 24 hours non-stop – had to hide in the guest room at night so DH can’t scold me. :p

d) 连城决 – 金庸
LianChengQueVery pitiful to the main character.

e) The Prey – Michael Crichton
Sister borrowed, lazy to surf net, so has no photo to show. The storyline is very exciting. Reading it just like watching movie.

I will not tag anyone because most people were already been tagged.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Money and 人格

When I heard of the news on the recoveries of the missing 4 boys in Fraser’s Hill, I was rather… hmm… somewhat disturbed on something.

It was read and understood that: the youngest one (9 years), when found by the orang asli, was delighted in joy and cried out ‘I love you’. Following that, he offered all of his money and ask the orang asli to bring him out of the jungle.

I am not sure I read and understood it correctly or not. Did the boy offer the orang asli the money, to THANK him or in EXCHANGE for help?

My friends/family all felt the boy’s gesture is very cute and innocent. I have a different view. If I were the orang asli, I would feel very offended of my 人格. I don’t know how to translate 人格 into English (can anyone help?). Basically, I just feel that it is an insult to someone who went into the jungle at night to search for the boys.

I am not saying the boy is wrong. But from where did he learn this kind of gesture? Did the adults always do this kind of thing in front of him: 用钱挞死人 (direct translate: use money to throw people)?

Never Lie To Your Boss

Never lie to your boss. Because while you are lying she may already knew the truth before you lied. She may just want to test your credibility further, by asking you a few more details. The more you try to cover up your previous lies, the more terrible it gets. A very small white lie will be snowballed to something unforgivable to her at the end. She will then distrust you, and there gone your career.

That is my advice, after I was caught lying to my boss. I regret it very much, but I can never turn back and fix it. What I am trying to fix now, will still leave a mark, like fixing a broken mirror…

The story goes this way:

Last March, I went to Beijing for a 1-week meeting. I planned to extend the trip and stay on Saturday, so I could do some sightseeing in Great Wall. One colleague (more senior) has decided to join me, so we planned our trip together.

Just few days before departure, my boss called me from Jakarta, after attending a meeting there with that colleague. My boss asked, “Just now Ms A told me that she is having distributor meeting on Saturday (the day that I planned to go to Great Wall). Why must she involve you in HER distributor’s meeting, which has nothing to do with you? If she is extending her stay to do her other works, you don’t have to follow her. You have your family here, if you need to come back earlier just tell her off.”

I was caught by surprised, why Ms A said that to my boss. So, instead of telling my boss about my plan for the sightseeing, I kept quite and told her I would check with Ms A before getting back to her. That was the 1st mistake I made. After that, there weren’t any points of turning back already…

I failed to contact Ms A in the next 2 days coz she never answered her phone until we reached Beijing. My boss was in Beijing as well, and she asked me again (before Ms A arrived). I, again, made a bigger mistake, by trying to cover up for Ms A, and I said, “I haven’t heard from Ms A, I will let you know after I talk to her.”

When I checked with Ms A finally, she denied what she told my boss (later I found out she is a 2 headed snake, I was too naive to cover up for her). So, I decided to tell my boss the truth that I was extending to do sightseeing. But, that was already too late – because she actually knew I was lying, before she even met me in Beijing. She knew it from her best friend – whom I told about my trip, because I originally didn’t have any intention to lie!

The most ironic part was, I didn’t know my boss knew already while she was further testing my faithfulness to her. She asked me again (giving me another chance): “If you are extending to sightsee that is fine, but why you did not know about this earlier? Didn’t you discuss before you make your flight booking? You are the project leader and this meeting is YOUR meeting, you should know the agenda and the schedule of this trip, and you have all the control.”

So, to cover up myself (or that woman) more, I lied further (story also not logical already)… I actually can’t remember what I said, but now think back, everything were so obvious that I lied.

The best part of this story is, I didn’t know my boss knew. Until last Thursday!!!!!! She was very distant from me these few months, and I could sense she disliked me. I was glad she brought it up yesterday, and she said I was influenced by Ms A, and became ‘bad’.

Lessons learned. Will not lie to my boss again. But damage is done. Very bad mood, 烦, since Thursday, so didn’t blog for a few days liao…

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fighting Hunger

WFP (World Food Program) is organizing a Walk the World event this Sunday. This event aims to raise awareness and funds to help end child hunger. And we can help by:

  • Click on the URL here: - each click will contribute 19 US cents, donated by TNT Global Express, Logistics & Mail.
  • On July 12, take part in the walk (Malaysia is included!)
  • If you can't walk on 12 June, don't worry. You can still ensure that other hungry children receive the food they need by sending this link on to others:
  • You can even make a donation if you want. There is an option in the link.

As of today at 1800 hours (GMT+8:00), there are only 17 people registered to walk, from Malaysia. It is quite disappointing.

I want to help spread the words around, but my blog is not very popular, have very limited visitors. How I wish the other popular bloggers can blog about this, and increase the awareness. Let’s flight child hunger!

BTW, it would be good that bloggers meet up in the walk, like a MGT.
As for myself, I am going to arrange with MIL, hopefully she can take care of Ian, so I can participate! Hmm… otherwise, I’m not sure if they would accept me walking with ‘Ian in a pram’?