Saturday, January 27, 2007

Manila Shopping Spree

Recently I really have no luck with my flights. In my immediate last trip to Beijing, I ended up landed in Shanghai. When I came back, due to bad weather and air traffic congestion, we waited an hour in the aircraft before it was allowed to take off. And yesterday, my flight took-off from Manila, an hour later it landed back to Manila, due to some problems with the aircraft.

Anyway, this trip to Manila is really a combination of business and shopping trip for me. I had 3 evenings and a morning to shop. The things are so cheap in Manila. Actually I bought all my stuff in Shoe Mart, Makati City. You should go there if you are in Manila.

IMG_8972The only reason I couldn't buy more is due to luggage space. As I need to transport my breastmilk home, half of my luggage is occupied by my cooler box (the blue one). I stuffed my computer bag and the rest of my luggage bag to the maximum. If I don't have to carry the blue cooler box, I'd definitely bought more. :P

IMG_8973 These are the items I bought in ShoeMart. I spent RM440 in total. What have I bought?

IMG_8976 IMG_8975
5 packs of dried mangoes (1 pack for each family) - RM21. 2 hair bands - RM8. 4 pairs of shoes. Superman slippers for Ian - RM8.50. HotWheel sports shoes with light bottoms also for Ian - RM53. A pair of beaded sandals for MIL (originally for myself) - RM35. A pair of evening shoes for myself - RM70.

IMG_8987 IMG_8986
1 set Army clothes for Ian - RM27. This pair of jeans cost RM58, and the jacket RM70. In fact, all things that I bought for Ian are not cheap, but they are quite different from those in KL. I like this brand Dickies which cannot be found here.

IMG_8985 IMG_8984
For Isabel, I bought these dresses. The yellow one (Moose) is RM11, and the white one is RM21. I'm not sure whether they are cheap or expensive, but I'm quite sure that I won't have the time to shop for them in KL.

IMG_8981One thing for sure is, their books are extremely cheap. A Disney book costs around RM5. I bought 5 books for 27.50 in total (RM3.50 x 2; RM5 x 2; RM10.50 x 1). Back in KL, one book can easily cost me over RM30!

IMG_8979 IMG_8974 IMG_8977
On the last day, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy these: a huge piggy bank (RM 5.40) and a helicopter (RM 5.40) for Ian. They are just so cheap. I felt very bad for Isabel, coz almost all the things I bought are not for her, so I bought a bath duck for her (RM7).

IMG_8982 IMG_8983
Puzzles are extremely cheap too. This box of Little Mermaid puzzle is less than RM8. The rest ranging from RM2 to RM5. Seriously, I've never seen RM2 puzzle set in Malaysia with such good quality!

IMG_8980Ah! I also found these name stickers (RM0.70 each). I have been writing on Ian's bag and stuff with permanent marker. With these name stickers it would make it easier for us. I've never seen this in KL yet, have you? I bought 2 'Ian' and 2 'Isabel'. Luckily I named Isabel this way and not 'Isabelle' or 'Isabela', coz the name stickers have 'Isabel' and not other variations. :)

I'm quite pleased with my 'harvest'. Well, actually not all of them are cheap. Some (especially Ian's clothes) cannot be found here, I'm willing to pay for them. And some (like hair bands), I just don't have the time to buy in KL.

Next time, I'll be able to buy more, if I don't have to transport so much of EBM home.


Lately I re-read SanMao's (三毛) novel - Story of Sahara (撒哈拉的故事). She is one of the authors that I like, and the Story of Sahara is the book that I particularly love, mainly because all the stories are happy ones. Those are the days that she just got married with Jose. Books written after Jose died are quite gloomy. Well, I guess her soul has followed Jose... very tragic.

Anyway, when I re-read her books, it made me feel like traveling to the Spain. A lot of her stories with Jose were written around that country. I think Jose is a Spannish (can't be sure coz I always skip this kind of detail when I read. :p).

Though I feel like visiting the Spain, Barcelona doesn't seem to be a safe place to me. I've heard of pick-pockets, robberies, etc. Well, these could be just rumours, but the names are not quite good though.

And hotels are not cheap too. My colleague went there for the last Olympic games with her family. I've heard that some of the games could be seen from the hotels in Barcelona. Not sure how true it is? Well, this colleague is rich, so I won't look out for the same. If I go, I would go in budget type, maybe backpack?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tony Roma's Famous For Ribs

I'm in Manila now. After meeting ended, I shopped for some toys for my kids. When I was done, I went into the Tony Roma's Famous for Ribs restaurant for dinner. This place was recommended by my boss.

I ordered its original ribs and a glass of green mango shake. In Manila, I only drink green mango shake fo all my meals. This is a very good local delicacy one must not miss. Wherever you go, you must drink it. This drink is always made of fresh and real green mangoes. It is sweet and sour, very refreshing, with all the real mango fibres. Hmm... yummy!

As for my food... I regret for not ordering the regular size (I ordered only half-ribs). It is just so good that once I started I couldn't stop or even slow down. I am usually a slow eater, but not on this ribs!

Before I ate, I wasn't convinced that it is nice. I still had some doubts when I placed my order. How can ribs be nice and chewable when it is grilled? That was what I thought. Usually MIL needs to simmer ribs for at least 2 hours to soften it. Grill? That is really questionable.

When I cut the first piece, before it was put into my mouth I knew I was wrong already! It was so soft, juicy and easily detachable from the bones. I could handle it easily with fork and spoon (though later I found out they actually encourage you to eat with hands!).

The marinate was extremely good. It was full of aroma with a little spicy. When I finished, then only I was keen to eat the side dishes. When I was eating my side dishes, I missed the ribs so much that I went back to the bones and digged out a tiny piece --> put it in my mouth last, to end my dinner!

I don't think it has any outlet in KL. I checked out their franchise website, Malaysia is not listed. I guess it is due to halal issue, coz it is pork ribs! :D

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aneroxia Changes Fashion World

How do you measure beauty? Must it always be thin and skinny like those models? Is it okay for models to be fat or fleshy? Would you still find it attractive?

The beauty measures now, based on those showcase models, are 'impossible to reach for most people' and 'can contribute to serious health disorders' such as aneroxia. Recent studies estimate that more than 100,000 Spanish women are anorexic and that up to half a million Spaniards suffer from various food-related disorders.

After a recent storm over the number of young women suffering from aneroxia, leading Spanish fashion houses including Inditex and flagship brand Zara agreed an unprecedented move to draw up a beauty "canon" including harmonising dress sizes.

The 12-point package of measures, or beauty "charter" -- drawn up with the health ministry -- includes a stipulation that shop windows display sizes of 38 minimum (size 10 in Britain, eight in the United States) and that size-46 apparel be placed in easy view in stores under the generic label "large sizes."

Hopefully with these fashion developments, it will eventually drive the society do measure beauty differently and healthily.

In fact, if you check out old Chinese drawings, those beauties were painted rather plump. If you read the story of the Four Tang Dynasty Beauties (唐朝四大美人), the Madam Yang-Gui-Fei is always described to be chubby (朱颜玉润). She was among the most beautiful women those days!

I believe those days the standards are different. If these skinny models were to be sent back to the ancient China, they would probably be regarded as ugly!

Also, in some African countries, men only like fat women. Thin women are considered not healthy and cannot produce good offsprings. See, living in the same century, we also have different standards. :)

Read the news in Yahoo!

Monday, January 22, 2007


I've always envy other bloggers or forum'ers have very nice avatar. I really don't know where they get theirs, and I often worry about copyright issues and dare not to use those that I like.

Anyway, I found a site that offers Dress Up Games and the end results can be used for my avatar.

I've decided to get this one for myself as my (main) parenting blog comes in a butterfly theme. For this one, I used a fair base (body), a red hair, red dress (so I can look more energertic) and a pair of red wings. Not bad huh?

Some other examples of final results you can end up getting, if you choose a different dress and hairstyle, without the wings:

And some can come with background (which I don't quite need):

There are quite a few other features they offer, but you have to be a premium member (USD2 per month). Unfortunately I am very stingy, so I'd just settle with what I have now. Well, I think mine is not bad, right? With a little more time to finetune it, I will be very happy with it soon. :P

The other features include creating animated avatar and more choices for fashion etc. Though I quite like the animated one, I will settle with this fairy first.

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Parking Car on Slopes


I'm sure you've learnt about this from your driving instructor before you got your driving license.

This post serves as refresher to you, just in case you don't park on slopes often.

When you park your vehicle on slopes, whether your car is facing upward or downward, remember to steer your wheels to face towards the curb. This is to prevent your vehicle from rolling into traffics, if it does slide down.

Though this is a general knowledge and/or being taught by driving instructors, I always see vehicles (especially huge trucks) parked on slopes with their wheels/tyres straight or facing traffics.

I live in a city with a lot of slopes, and have encountered several cases where trucks run into parked vehicles and toward the traffics. Note: these trucks were without drivers, i.e. (supposingly) parked. One of my relative narrowly escaped being killed by one. In that same case, at least 7 vehicles smashed by that truck.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Is Your Computer Protected

When you drive, you use a seat belt to protect yourself from hitting into the dashboard in an accident.

When you ride a bike, you use a helmet to protect your head, and you use knee guard to protect your knees.

When you do mountain climbing, you use a rope to protect yourself from falling off the cliffs.

When you are on your computer, do you use anything to protect your computer from virus attacks? Do you check whether it is still updated and capable of protecting your computer from the ever-renewing and ever-changing virus threats?

If not, it is probably time to protech it with antivirus softwares. Why not visit the Norton Help & Support Forums to get help and get updated?

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Goddess of Mercy

Goddess of Mercy, Guanyinma, is now available online. If you have any problems, just visit Print out the 'fu' (spells), burn and drink the ashes with water, whatever problems will go away...

Well, the above is just a joke. But please watch the video below, very funny! I think it is extracted from a Singaporean TV series.

Translated Transcripts
Woman: Goddess of Mercy, please give me some advice. I have a son studying in a university in USA. He is sitting an exam tomorrow. Goddess of Mercy please help him to pass the exam.

Man 1: Alright, Goddess of Mercy said, take these 3 'fu's (spells) home, burn and drink them will do.

Man 2: Go to the back and get some 'flower water' to bath at home.

Woman: Let him drink (the ashes)? He is in USA now, how to let him drink? Even courier also can't make it ontime...

Man 1: Don't worry, don't worry! Now very advance already. Do you know what is computer?

Woman: Computer? Ah, ah, ah!

Man 1: You ask your son to visit this website, Ask him to print out the 'fu' (spell) number 3 and 8, burn and drink the ashes with water, also acceptable. You may go home now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dirty Hotel Rooms

Have you stayed in any hotels that you find the room(s) is dirty?

Some time ago, I received an email with all photos attached, about a couple staying in a 4-star hotel in Penang Island. On the first night, the lady felt something biting and she felt itchy.

After switching on the light, they found fleas on the bedsheets! In fact, the bedsheets are not clean, i.e. with light stains etc.

They called the hotel, requested for a change of room and immediate medical assistance, coz the lady started to have rashes all over. Unfortunately the hotel was full, they didn't get their room changed. The staff went into the room and sprayed insecticies instead!

The 'medical assistance' they provided was --> plasters! I actually found it funny and laughed out loud, coz how can a 4-star hotel hire some intelligent people like that huh?!

Anyway, here is a blog that writes about dirty hotels, and even provided a top-10 dirtiest list in their blog. I hope they include hotels outside US in their ranking. As for hoteliers that are listed there, they would need to work hard to win their customers back!

Brought to you by tripadvisor

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

USD100 Is Yours!

Now, after getting free or cheap air tickets from AirAsia, the next thing is to find a cheap accommodation for your holiday.

You can book your accommodations via a few ways: directly with the hotels, via an agent, or online (any other methods?).

I prefer to do it online, coz it is the cheapest and most convenient way. Furthermore, if you want to book directly with any hotels, do you know which hotels are available if you have not been there? :)

In Hotel Reservations, you can choose from a range of different types of accommodations, that includes hotels, condos, bed & breakfast, apartments, etc. Their services also include car rental and flight booking (which you might not need now, if you have AirAsia's free tickets already).

What’s more? You can now save USD100 more, if you book 12-nights (there are different tiers, just check it out at their website)! That’s a lot of saving to me.

The only thing I don’t quite like is the process to claim the USD100 rebate. You’ll need to print out the coupon, fill in and mail it to them. They will credit the rebate back to your credit card, which takes another 3 weeks or so. A quite lengthy process I would say.

Hurry up! Promotions end on 28 Feb 2007.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Road Tax vs Toll Rate

As of 1 Jan, the toll rate has increased in Malaysia. The margin of increment was just too huge that angered the citizens. 7 Jan, there was a anti toll-hike protest. And here are some calculations that shows how much the new rate can affect us.

The autorities explained that the reduction in road tax can help, but look carefully...

Road Tax reduction = RM50 per year.

Taking example for a person to commute from Klang to KL using the KESAS Highway. There are 3 tolls to pass for 1 way, i.e. 6 payments for return trip.

Previous rate = RM1.50 per toll
Current rate = RM2.20 per toll

Assuming one works 240 days a year...

Total increment per year:
= RM0.70 per toll x 6 tolls x 240 days
= RM1,008

Total toll paid per year:
= RM2.20 per toll x 6 tolls x 240 days
= RM3,168

Hey, for an average person who earns RM1,500 per month, nearly one month salary is gone for the increment. And his total spend on toll alone already double his monthly salary, not to say the increased fuel price!

No wonder people protested on the 7th Jan 2007!

Anti Toll Hike Protest in Malaysia

I don't think this was reported in mainstream newspapers:

Date : Sunday 7th Jan.
Place : In front of Sunway Pyramid. LDP concessionary's office.
Agenda : Anti Toll Hike Protest.
Independent figure: 1000 plus people.

To guard the situation About 500 police personnel, including the anti-riot unit from the federal reserve force, were there to keep a watchful eye on the protesters.

Will the government listen? Lets see if they do hear what the people have to say or if they think they can still take us for a ride.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Investing in Gold

I've somewhat left out quite a few types of retirement plan in my previous post, e.g. foreign currencies, gold/jewelleries, etc.

According to Monex Deposit Company (MDC), buying gold (bars/ingots) or gold coins has been recognized for centuries for its ability to preserve one's wealth and purchasing power.

If you keep your wealth in the form of gold, it will not be affected by inflation or even war affairs. Investing in foreign currencies is not as secured as gold, especially if war strikes.

However, this form of investment is only to preserve one's wealth, and it will not be able to increase its value, like in other forms of investments.

It really depends on what is your investment objectives. If your objective is to preserve your wealth, then in my view gold is better than foreign currencies. Just my 2 cents.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Need Your Musics Listened?

Check out this independent music site! It has just been released on Monday January 8th.

This is a unique concept brought to you by This website provides any Independent Artists an outlet to be heard by an ever growing fan and listerners base.

If you are a member of a band or a solo artist, you may register with this website to showcase your musics, and for listeners to discover new talent.

What you need to do is just create your Artist Profile, and upload your content. Very simple.

This is a sponsored post.


At what age do you plan to retire? What do you plan to do when you are retired? Do you know how much money will you have? How much money will you need?

Based on the EPF data in Malaysia, on average a man can live 75 years and 78 years for a woman. So, if you retire at 55 years old, you will have approximately 20 years to spend whatever you saved. Do you already have a plan to get enough fund to support that 20 years period (or even longer)?

Usually people save their retirement fund from these sources:

  • Bank - savings/current/fixed-deposit
  • Unit trust
  • Stock/share market
  • Property
  • Insurance
  • Children

They all have pros and cons, which I'm not going to touch now. But please consider one more option, Annuity. Annuity is actually a combination of Bank and Insurance from the list above. It provides fixed income after retirement, usually pays you once a year to support basic living needs.

There are a lot of combinations and options that you can have in an annuity plan. It is very common in the USA, but less acceptable in Malaysia yet, as people often don't like to talk about old and and death (same like insurance).

I urge you to consider this option seriously, and do your estate planning as early as possible. I won't go into detail of what is an annuity, coz you can read more from here.


Who don't like diamond? I think all women love diamond jewellery. Even when someone tells you that he/she doesn't like diamond, I believe what he/she means is only they don't put diamond jewellery as their priority. I still think they also like diamonds.

I like diamond jewellery. Although I don't own many, I admit that I trully love to have. The bigger, the better cut, the more shiny, the better. :)

I only have 2 pieces of small little diamonds. A very tiny one on my ring, and another very tiny one as a pendant.

I'd love to have a bigger and shinier one, but I am also not the type who put diamonds or jewelleries as my priority. I'd rather spend my money in other places, like investments.

Of course, free diamond jewellery is always welcomed. If you know I love diamond and want to give it free to me, ahahahaha, you are welcomed! :P

I actually do not know much about diamonds. I know they are measured in carrats, and then there are other 'C's to consider also, but I don't really know. I think it is related to something like Clarity, Clean, Colour, or something of that sort.

My friend, Siu Mai, is actually quite good at it. He did quite a good research when he bought his diamond ring for his wedding. Can consult him if I really want to buy. But don't think so. :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

AirAsia Free Tickets

Okay, after a few ding-dong-ing here and there, hubby has finally bought (yes, 'bought') the 'free' tickets from AirAsia to KK, joining his friends.

We will be climbing the mount Kinabalu this year.

Hmm... thinking of it, I better start training myself, otherwise I might have mountain sickness (altitude sickness)! I don't want to be the first to retire in the climbing.

As for the flight tickets, his friends were able to get both ways 'free' with RM130 taxes per person. We only got 1-way 'free', but return ticket was charged at RM50 per person (in total RM180 plus taxes).

We are going to go to the airport with his friends, and let his friends cover the taxi fare. Ahahahaha! This way, we save back some money. :P Hey, taxi is almost a hundred ringgit lah!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Free Flight, No

Quite disappointed with the free flights promo from AirAsia.

We tried to get its free flights to Macau, it is actually not free. There are a lot of charges or admin fees here and there that adds up to RM600+ for single way.

And for return 2-ways flights, it is very difficult to get both ways free. We end up have to pay RM900+ for return flights for two persons. Ya, I know it is still cheaper, but I don't get to HongKong directly, and I got to sit in that small little aircraft for 4 hours uncomfortably.

We have decided to give up the so called 'free' flights that we have to pay RM900+.

I will redeem our flights with my Enrich points, that one is trully free!

Loan Comparison

When I visit any property launch, I am always surrounded by many bankers' loan sales guys trying to promote their packages.

Nowadays there are just so many options to choose from.

Some have lower interest rate for the first x number of years, but subsequent years with higher interest rate. Some have to be tied up for a particular year, and if you dispose the property before the contracted tenure you will need to pay a fee of x% total loan amount.

Some gives free gifts like portable DVD player or lottery tickets. Some gives a chance to win a home makeover, a MyVi car, or even lucky draw for another property.

They all come in different combinations of benefits and conditions, like different rates for initial and subsequent years, different x number of years, etc. This actually make it very difficult for us to compare them and decide which one is best for our needs.

If you live in UK, then you can compare UK loans online, without having to deal with any agents.

I am now considering my company's home loan package. I am thinking to concert my current loan to the company, to get some interest subsidy. Hopefully this saves me some interest fee.

Brought to you by My Loan Quote UK

Teens and Trucks

In the recent web release by, an online insurance company where you can compare car insurance, it discussed about teens safe driving tips.

It is reported that GEICO has recently added "Teens and Trucks" to its online library for safe driving materials for teen drivers.

As a mother to 2, I am quite happy to see this. In fact, a good driving behaviour should be cultured since young, i.e. from the moment when one first learns to drive, usually at teenage.

In the GEICO's teen safe driving website, it shares with us a lot of useful tips and reminders. Though it is also relevant to everyone, it is particularly targetted at teenagers. Particularly on "Teens and Trucks", it gives valuable tips for highway driving around large trucks and buses. A very good reading material, for parents and teenagers.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Free Flights with AirAsia

Great news!

AirAsia released 1million FREE seats, booking starts today travel period 1 apr to 27 oct!

I am very excited, but then cannot plan where I want to go, and with whom! Why I only know about it today? I'm going to lose the free seats by the time I decide!

I want to have holiday to Bali and Phuket, but these are classified as 'restricted' by my employer. I wonder if it is really that dangerous to go there??!!!

Upcoming Travel Plan

Okay, this year's travel plan is out. It has reduced to 12 trips. None of these are exotic places though. :(

In the list, I have Bangkok (2x), Jakarta (3x), Manila (2x), Karachi, Beijing (2x), Shanghai and Houston. Looks like my new 'home' this year is in Jakarta, no longer Beijing. ;)

How I wish for our team meeting to move from Houston to Capetown. It has been discussed, but I don't think it will happen, unless we can all find cheap flights!

The flight from KL to Houston is only RM14k, but to Capetown is RM18k+! None of us are willing to downgrade business class to economy class to make cheap flights. It is also against company policy anyway. :P

Anyway, I am also planing holiday with my sister to Hong Kong this year. Depends whether we can get cheap flights via Cathay, I might redeem free tickets for the two of us with my Enrich points. I have just too many points that will be expired this year.

BTW, I managed to keep my Gold Enrich status this year, marginally! But with this year's travel plan, I don't think I will qualify for Gold next year. So sad to lose it. :(

Monday, January 08, 2007

Mars Alien

I've just read that the scientist argues NASA probes may have found alien life in the Mars, and inadvertently killed it 30 years ago.

It is suggested that 30 years ago, due to lacking any clue about the environment on Mars, their view of where life can take root was different. They might have looked for a different type of Martian life, missed the microbe they found and accidentally 'drown' it.

In my view, if they can accidentally kill it, because lacking knowledge of differnet life forms, they can also accidentally miss it by inviting unwanted alien life to Earth.

If we don't have enough knowledgwe to identify life form, then I'm sure we don't have enough knowledge to handle them. How do you know fire or high temp can kill the microbes? They might be more active in extreme temperature!

Whew! Alien invasion... :P
Read the full report here.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Online Shopping Coupons

I've stumpled upon this CouponChief site, and found my favourite merchant, Target. I found a "10% off, no minimum" coupon, which I think is the most useful one. I've mentioned about buying the Medela Quick Clean Wipes from Target in another blog. With this coupon, the price is even much lower!

Should have found this before my last US trip, to save me a lot more!

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Friday, January 05, 2007

Consumers and Ready-to-Eat Meals

According to the ACNielsen's Global Online Consumer Survey on Consumers and Ready-to-Eat Meals (RTEM):

  • The biggest fans of the the RTEM hail from Asia, led by the Thais (43%), Chinese (39%), Taiwanese and Malaysians (34%)
  • The main reasons for purchasing RTEM is convenience and lack of time to prepare a proper meal
  • The most common occasion for eating ready-to-eat meals is for Dinner
  • The most popular place to purchase RTEM is Supermarket (44%)

Can't believe Malaysia stands at 3rd/4th! Whew! Malaysian boleh! :P

UK Loan Site

If you are a UK resident and need to get some loans, you should visit this UK loan site.

Even if you are not a UK resident, there are a lot of information on different types of loan available: personal loans, secured loans, guaranteed car loans etc. The website has many articles related to loans, which you can spend some time reading, to enhance your knowledge or at least, have a basic idea about loans before you sign on any legal documents.

Whatever you are doing, just make sure that you are doing it wisely and properly, because loans can be of a great help when used properly!!

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

No More Drink and Drive

Do you ever drink and drive? If you can't judge yourself whether your alcohol level is okay to drive, buy a Toyota car.

It is reported yesterday that Toyota Motor Corp. is developing a system for cars that detects drunken drivers, and shuts the vehicle down if it is not safe.

The system comprises of:

  • Sweat sensors in the steering wheel that detec alcohol levels in the driver's bloodstream
  • Motion sensors that detect abnormal steering
  • A special camera that checks whether drivers pupils are in focus

If it finds any abnormality, the system will kick in and the car will be slowed down to a halt.

Toyota, the world's No. 2 automaker, hopes to fit cars with this system by end of 2009, according to the report.

Concerns over drunken driving have surged in Japan following a series of alcohol-related accidents last year. In August, a drunken driver collided with another vehicle carrying a family of five, plunging them off a bridge and killing three children.

Needs for such system is arising now.

News from here.

Get Paid to Blog

Have you ever thought of blogging can bring you side income?

I'm not refering to putting those ad programs like Google Adsense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, etc. What I mean is, to get paid for writing and posting stuff that suits your taste in your blog, i.e. blog ads!

Sign up with PayPerPost and you can start earning extra pocket money by just writing.

How it works? Well, actually there are a lot of sites out there want to increase their page rank. Page rank (PR) is a ranking system formulated by Google, which determines the order of sites shown, when surfers search for a particular item.

One of the way to increase page rank is to have more sites link to their sites. That's why these advertisers in PayPerPost are willing to pay you to write a blog that have links to their sites.

Right now, the minimum rate is USD5 per post (previously USD4). Sometimes it can go up to USD30, but these are usually took up very quickly, so you'll have to be quick.

You can choose to write things that suit to your site's theme and flavor, without changing its format. You can visit my other blog to see how I work on my paid posts.

Oh, forgot to mention, in Dec alone, I've got 20 posts approved that will bring me circa USD180. I'm not an active blogger, so this amount may not be attractive to you. But I've known someone (Malaysian) who've got USD780 in a month, but he has 3 blogs and he is very hardworking too!

Click on the icon on my side panel to sign up (I get USD15 for each referral)!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cameron Highland - New Access Road

There is a new access road to Cameron Highland. You now have 2 options, going via Ringlet (old road) or via Simpang Pulai (new road).

If you want to try the new Road, from PLUS highway, exit at Simpang Pulai tol. Right after paying, turn right at the T-junction. Soon after it, there is a traffic light, turn right again.

Drive straight all the way, for approximately 45min, take a right turn at the traffic light - or else you'll go to the East coast. Go straight all the way, and you will reach the Brinchang town of Cameron Highland, i.e. the top of the mount if you come from the old road (the other side!).

With this road, the YTL's resort (old Merlin) will be on your right, and the golf course will be on your left.

This road is much easier to drive than the old one. We took this road on New Year Eve. I didn't know that we were actually climbing, and da-da-da-da! I was already there! No motion sickness at all, no windy roads.

One weakness of this road is, it takes just too long to get there. From Sungai Buloh tol, it took us 4 hours to reach Brinchang. It was 1 hour longer than Fraser's Hill!

PPP Blog

Have you visited PPP blogs? Are you aware that PPP has its own blog?

This is a blog that I must read everyday, to get updated with the latest happenings in PPP.

For instance, when the last RockStartup puzzle game was still running, one of the puzzle pieces was actually posted in its blog!

If you do not know yet, there are actually quite a lot of activities going on in PPP, apart from just getting paid for blogging.

Recently, there is a HP challenge. Take up the opportunity and write a post about HP gears. Postie who wrotes the post that Ted (PPP's CEO) likes most will win HP gears! And how do you know who has won the gears? From the blog!

That's why I think it is a must read, at least for all PPP posties. :)

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Tips for Safe Winter Driving

One mistake we are likely to do in winter, is to defrost the winscreen with warm water. If you do that - stop! Don't use warm water to defrost your winscreen as this may crack the glass. Use an ice scraper instead.

Another tip worth noting on the road is:
If your car does start to skid, take you foot off the accelerator and steer into the skid..