Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Desa Park City – Buyers Racial Profile

I have always drooled to get a house in DPC, but just can’t understand why it is so expensive since it is seated in Kepong area.

It is in the triangle of Kepong Baru, Kepong Menjalara and Kepong Maluri. But the price is like Damansara’s price.

Anyway, this morning my friend sent me this
link about the buyers’ profile of their phase 1A and 1B. We guess Phase 1A is Safa Terrace and 1B is Nadia.

Safar Terrace only has 135 units, and 92% buyers are Chinese.
Nadia has 165 double/triple storey houses (no data for the 246 condo units yet), 89% buyers are Chinese.

We wonder where these Chinese are from… I guess they are mostly from Kepong/Jinjang/Selayang or at least stayed in Kepong area before.

If you are a DPC buyer reading this post now, and is a Chinese, please let us know where were you from? :D

Monday, November 27, 2006

Old Man with His Dog + Shit

There is this old man around my in-law's house, who likes to bring his dog to shit and pee at neighbours' house. He is really irritating.

My MIL saw him doing it again the other day, ON our staircase, she asked him to go elsewhere. Guess what he said?

Old man: "Pee only mah, why are you so concrned about it?" (小便而已, 这么紧张做什么?)

MIL: "Wah, pee ONLY? Since you are ok with it why don't you let your dog do it in your house? What about letting my dog pee at your house? Are you ok with that?"

This old man then walked over to the other neighbour and let his dog pee and shit there. MIL also asked him not to do, but he just ignored.

And then... this fella, he keeps coming back to our house, trying to challenge us. Whenever MIL can't see him, we will have the shit/pee. I intend to snap his photo, catching him doing this in action. Not sure our law is the same as HK? The other day Dodo Cheng hosted a program said we can sue this dog owner... Wonder if I can use his photo to sue him and teach him a lesson?! Terrible old man.

Irritating Junk Mails With Large Attachments

I am quite slow with my blog reading. Today only read about 5xmom’s Email Forwards.

I also hate junk mails a lot, especially junk mails with large attachments when I am traveling.

During travel, I have to work on emails at night (daytime usually occupied with meetings). Imagine: me, sitting in front of my machine at 1am, waiting for my emails to be downloaded, and these junk mail with 3MB each jammed the traffic… I often have to let the machine run for 2 hours, before I can start work at 3am.

The big files usually are transforms of simple 10 sentences advice/poem/rubbish into big huge PowerPoint full of pictures. When that happens, I really curse the sender. Don’t expect me to read those at that hour – so I normally just delete them without reading.

Sorry if you happen to be one of my readers, I am just being frank with you and let you know how I feel and how inconvenient it has caused to me.

Another story to share re junk mails – how I have innocently offended my friend.

3 years ago when I took a long leave to attend my wedding, before I left I sent an email to my friends to inform them about my long absence and urged them not to send any junk mails as it may flood my inbox when I return to work. That email was sent to ALL my friends.

One fella replied with anger, and claimed that he has never and will not send me junk mails, and he is so upset with my note that he will not send me ANY emails in the future. We stopped communicating in mails after that.

Such an over sensitive person! A man some more. NVM lah, if he can’t take that kind of notification email, I don’t think he is an understanding friend anyway, no loses at my end.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Madam Show-Off

I went to DH’s relatives wedding dinner. On the same table, there was this woman who really like to show off. She is DH’s auntie whom I have never met. The first thing she said when she sat down was:
“PL (my SIL), you are so fat already!”

SIL: “Is it? So I look prettier now.” (SIL Smile, and I think she was smart.)

Mdm S/O: “Now a lot of people go to gym. My daughter is already so thin, and she still goes to gym.”

Mdm S/O: “My daughter just came back from Canada. Tar College wanted her to teach there so badly. She is very good and popular, and everyone wanted to employ her. But she still wants to go back to Canada, so she only taught for 2 months and already flew back loh.”

That was still fine. Later, she kept showing off how wealthy she is, she doesn’t have to work, she goes high up (Genting) everyday to play (gamble), etc.

And then, suddenly the arrow pointed at me.

“My DIL is now conceiving her 3rd baby. She is having one child a year, a very good DIL. You should behave like her lah…”

I really hate people pushing others to have children. Before I had Ian I already hated it. How do you know the person you speak to doesn’t want any children? I have a friend, who wanted so badly, tried so hard, but still have no child. Whenever she is asked this question, she is so sad! Another friend has to spend over 10k for test-tube baby, but still no results. How can these people be so cruel?

Anyway, back to this woman… I kept quiet when she said that. I just chit chat with my FIL. Actually we discussed about this woman lah, both of us cannot tolerate her. Suddenly she called me again.

“Nowadays DIL and FIL or MIL are like friends…”
(FIL and I laughed; we thought that was a compliment, but then…)

“… I am a very good MIL, I treat m DIL very well, even beyond friends… I let her sleep until 12 noon, unlike some of the other MILs. My DIL just needs to give birth to my grandchildren (you think she is a pig ah?). We hire a maid for her. Maid takes care of her children and she doesn't need to do house work as well. When I am outside, I will sure rush home to cook for her. She doesn’t even need to cook…”

I wanted to speak for my MIL, so I said, “My MIL is also very good to me. Whenever I worked from home, she would go out to buy lunch for me, worried I might get hungry…”

Mdm S/O: “My DIL doesn’t have to work, she is very ‘hor-miah’ (unlike me??). Only my daughter works, THAT IS BECAUSE SHE IS JUST TOO GOOD AND TOO SMART NOT TO WORK!”

I almost vomit blood on the spot.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Someone In My Hotel Room!

Well, that didn’t happen to me, it happened to my colleague a couple of weeks ago.

He took a late night flight and arrived at the hotel (5 star) past midnight. After checking-in, he walked to the room himself with just 1 small luggage. When he opened the door, he found there was another lady guest sleeping on the bed.

She was sleeping so deeply, and didn’t even know someone has entered the room!

He quietly closed the door and went to the reception made a fuss. They replaced his room, and apologized with a basket of 1 PIECE OF BANANA AND APPLE! Of course nothing to the lady because she didn’t even know.

So, lesson learnt: Always lock your door from inside when you stay in hotel room. Anything can happen to you.

Actually I always lock my door, but sometimes we (including my boss and other colleagues) do forget. This usually happens when we order room service. After the staff delivers the food, HE closes the door – so that is when we forget to lock it from inside!

I must remember this story, so it doesn’t happen to me…

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maggots Nightmare

Many years ago when I was still schooling… on CNY 3rd day… at 3am I returned home with my then boy friend (now DH).

As I was walking towards my room, which is the last one after passing through the kitchen… suddenly felt something not quite right.

OMG! Some little white moving things – MAGGOTS EVERYWHERE – on the floor, on the wall, on the kitchen table, and in front of my room!

How did it happen? We found out there was a pot of leftover rice that my mom forgot to clear before she left to Bali after Makan Besar. That pot of rice has grown so much of maggots that it couldn’t contain them – all crawled out and invaded into every spaces they could!

It took me and my BF 2 hours to kill and clear them. It was so GELI! I have many nights of bad dreams, and STILL have the same nightmare sometime now. It is so DISGUSTING! Yulk! Yulk! Yulk! Ptui! Ptui! Thinking about the scene makes me shivering again…

Imagine to WALK ON LOTS OF MAGGOTS that are still alive and moving! We had to walk on them, otherwise we can’t clear them – all utilities are at the back of the house, we must walk pass them… Really want to throw out again thinking back about it!

Luckily in front of my room there is a barrier that blocks them from entering my room. I don't want to imagine what would happen without that barrier.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Buying Houses

Simon blogged about buying houses. Yes, how difficult to buy a house, especially landed properties. It is just like chasing a dream that can never come true.

6 years ago, we wanted to buy a house to get married. We could only afford RM150k max. Houses that we wanted cost at least RM250k. We gave up, bought a small apartment.

2 years later, we though we were ready to buy RM250k house. Checked the price – can’t afford again, because price has increased to RM360k minimum.

Waited another 2 years price went up to RM450k. And now, a 2-storey terrace house in Desa Park City, which is located in Kepong, just next to my mom’s area, is asking for RM600k!!!

Who said Kepong area very cheapskate? RM600k! Just because of different branding? My God! It is nearer to my mom’s house in Kepong, compared to my current apartment, and it is priced like a 1U or Damansara area.

So, buying a house is really like chasing a dream than will never come true… for me.