Monday, July 18, 2005

NKF Scandal

Recently I have been reading this news about NKF case in Singapore with interest. Really disappointed with the way they handle the money. (More info here)

Imagine, when I donate my money to the diabetic patients, I expect my money to be used to help them as directly as possible.

I would least want my money to be sponsoring those high level guys flying on first class, getting highly paid salary (many times higher than my own), using expensive luxury cars and toilets, etc.

When I was approached by a NKF represented agency few years ago in Amcorp Mall, and requested for regular contribution, I nearly signed up, but I didn't. I took their form, verified information with NKF later, and then I called the sales rep for appointment. He didn’t show up.

Then I called NKF office and asked for another sales rep. No body bothered me.

I presume their ‘business’ is so good that they don’t even bother to ‘service’ donors like me…

Then I made my contribution to MAA, also for diabetic patients. This MAA is definitely a registered organization because I did get my income tax refund on this donation.

This whole thing really bothered me. First of all, why would NKF assign a third party agency to help raising fund for them? What would the agency charge them? I’m pretty sure this agency is not doing this as charity for free, as they do employ quite a lot of ‘SALES’ reps, who earn commissions.

I did ask NKF how can they make donations into a ‘sales’, and part of our monthly contribution goes to this third party agency? They avoided my question by asking me to write in.

Now after reading the news in Singapore, I am glad I did not sign up with the donation program. I would like my money to be used in a better way. If somebody is going to get rich with MY money, I wish that the ‘somebody’ were I, LZBONE. Hehehe!

p/s: Just a quick summary of what NKF (National Kidney Foundation) Singapore did (abstract modified from The Star):

NKF had sued Singapore Press Holdings over an article last year that stated a gold-plated tap had been installed and later replaced in the private bathroom of the CEO's (TT Durai) office suite. NKF said the article had damaged the charity's reputation by implying that donors' funds were being misused. Last week, in the court, after his salary (S$600,000 (RM1.3mil))and perks generated major media coverage in the city-state, Durai and the foundation withdrew their lawsuit. He also conceded he flew first class when travelling overseas, although he insisted he was entitled to the benefits of “every other CEO.” NKF describes itself on its website as “the largest charitable organisation in Singapore” and the “largest not-for-profit dialysis provider in the world.”

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Blog About Travelling? No Way!

When I started this blog, I really had no idea what I wanted this blog to be. Initially, I though this blog is like my EventBook. Knew already that this cannot be.

So, I thought, hmm… since I travel a lot, why don’t I blog about traveling stories.

But… my traveling stories are so boring! I am doing BUSINESS traveling, not traveling for holiday! It is extremely boring to travel like this: Airport – Hotel – Office – Hotel – Airport.

I really envy my best friend, who is currently with a Swedish company. She doesn’t travel as frequently as I do, but when she travels, there are people who really look after her. ‘The other side’ would arrange everything for her, at least for the 1st time. They bring her out for sight seeing, recommend places she can visit or things that she can do.

She has been to Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and etc. The names of the places already sound exotic. Compared to mine: Houston, Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Beijing, Delhi, Sabah and Sarawak.

What she does is Travel – Hotel – SIGHTSEEING – Meeting – SIGHTSEEING – Hotel – Travel. On meeting days, she only works during office hour 9-to-5. After 5: FOOD and REST and SIGHTSEEING.

As for me? On meeting days, I only rest 4 hours max. 7am to 9pm: in meetings/discussions. 9pm-11pm: dinner (with the same boring people talking about work over the table). Back to the room at 12 midnight. After refreshed myself, got to work on emails and prepare stuff for next day - usually ends at 3am or until I am too tired to go on. I really have to make an effort to sightsee, and I will be ALONE. Sob! Sob!

So, who will be interested to read my blog if I write this kind of stuff? I am not even interested to write this – only for this time.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New to PPS

5xmom and twinsmom both encouraged pinging to PPS. It was new to me. I registered some time ago, haven’t used it yet.

OK, since they both preached for PPS, I’m giving it a try today. Actually I am not quite sure I really want traffic or not… must be something good, otherwise people will not be whoring for traffic (as said by 5xmom).

But the thought of it is kind of scary too. Sure or not you want so many people reading your blog??!! Anyway, got traffic is still better than no traffic lah! :D

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Another Beijing Trip

After grounded for 2 months, traveling starts again! Last week went to Tanjong Jara, and this week in Beijing (again). Flew on Mon night flight, arrived at 6am, meeting starts at 10am.

At first, thought of sleeping through the flight. Then was asked to be seated next to a newly joined colleague, “so that we can talk on the journey” – as said by the guy’s boss. Luckily my boss was so nice, before the flight she told the new guy to let me sleep. That guy changed his seat when he checked in – I felt a little ‘paiseh’! :p

Anyway, on Tuesday (first) night, we went to 老舍茶馆 (Lao She tea house), which has some great performance on 京剧 (Beijing Opera). The greatest one was 变脸 (face-change). Love it! This is a place must go!

Actually, I wanted to visit Beijing Underground City (北京地下城), but strange enough none of the locals or taxi drivers ever heard of it. I searched the web, and finally found 2 reports on this:
Part 1
Part 2

Looks like only the hotel’s concierge also knows about this place. With the help from the web and the concierge, the taxi finally managed to take me there on Thursday morning. Not exactly sending me to the right place. He just dropped me off around that area, and I had to walk for around 10 min to get to the place. I had to ask around.

It is no big deal about the place, but I have to say it is worth visiting: can’t believe the people can dig out such huge underground city that can accommodate 300,000 people. The place connects all places, and can even go to Tianjin. It is just so amazing. Well, when I said ‘no big deal’ is because the place they open for tourist is only very small area – quite disappointing.

I paid RMB 20, for a guided tour. They will not allow anyone go in without a guide because there have been cases where people got lost. It only took me 30 min to finish the tour. So, this can be done during lunch hour, or early in the morning before office hour. They open from 8:30am till 6pm.

They don't allow photography inside, but I still managed to get a photo with my phone. :D

BJ Underground CityBJ Underground City (inside)

Friday, June 17, 2005

Book Tag

I was tagged by mama22beas on this. Msau made this tag so interesting by using photos of the books, so I copy her idea here.

I have to modify the tag slightly because I don’t really read those ‘meaningful’ books, can’t find that many to blog. :p

1) Total number of books that I’ve owned:
I presume this is for ‘current’ + at ‘home’ (excl. other places). I have around 250 books in my apartment now.

2) The last book I bought:
Left Behind SeriesActually is a whole series of 12 books minus 1, bought secondhand from a MPH staff. It is ‘Left Behind’ series, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. One book is missing. Does anyone have book 11 (Armageddon) and wish to sell it? Please, please I want it!

Last Juror3) The last book I read: ‘The Last Juror’ by John Grisham.

4) Book(s) I am reading NOW: I have a habit of not finishing one book then start another one, so I have 4 books that I have started but not finished yet, all alternated depends on my mood.

  • ChiXi我在慈禧身边的日子 (金易)
  • Taken'Taken' by Thomas Cook based on a TV series (shown in ASTRO before but I missed it).
  • 楚留香 (Palm’s e-book version)
  • The Arabian Nights (Palm’s e-book version)

5) 5 books that mean a lot to me (or I enjoyed reading):
a) Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden
GeishaI read the 1st edition, borrowed from a friend in 2002. Loved it so much, cried so much about it, and then bought it for myself.

b) Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki
Rich Dad Poor DadRecommended by DH. I read the English version 4 years ago, lend the book to friends, never got it back. DH won lucky draw and got this Chinese version.

c) Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret – J. K. Rowling
Harry PotterNever thought a ‘children book’ is so interesting to read. I was basically hooked when I was reading this particular one, read 24 hours non-stop – had to hide in the guest room at night so DH can’t scold me. :p

d) 连城决 – 金庸
LianChengQueVery pitiful to the main character.

e) The Prey – Michael Crichton
Sister borrowed, lazy to surf net, so has no photo to show. The storyline is very exciting. Reading it just like watching movie.

I will not tag anyone because most people were already been tagged.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Money and 人格

When I heard of the news on the recoveries of the missing 4 boys in Fraser’s Hill, I was rather… hmm… somewhat disturbed on something.

It was read and understood that: the youngest one (9 years), when found by the orang asli, was delighted in joy and cried out ‘I love you’. Following that, he offered all of his money and ask the orang asli to bring him out of the jungle.

I am not sure I read and understood it correctly or not. Did the boy offer the orang asli the money, to THANK him or in EXCHANGE for help?

My friends/family all felt the boy’s gesture is very cute and innocent. I have a different view. If I were the orang asli, I would feel very offended of my 人格. I don’t know how to translate 人格 into English (can anyone help?). Basically, I just feel that it is an insult to someone who went into the jungle at night to search for the boys.

I am not saying the boy is wrong. But from where did he learn this kind of gesture? Did the adults always do this kind of thing in front of him: 用钱挞死人 (direct translate: use money to throw people)?

Never Lie To Your Boss

Never lie to your boss. Because while you are lying she may already knew the truth before you lied. She may just want to test your credibility further, by asking you a few more details. The more you try to cover up your previous lies, the more terrible it gets. A very small white lie will be snowballed to something unforgivable to her at the end. She will then distrust you, and there gone your career.

That is my advice, after I was caught lying to my boss. I regret it very much, but I can never turn back and fix it. What I am trying to fix now, will still leave a mark, like fixing a broken mirror…

The story goes this way:

Last March, I went to Beijing for a 1-week meeting. I planned to extend the trip and stay on Saturday, so I could do some sightseeing in Great Wall. One colleague (more senior) has decided to join me, so we planned our trip together.

Just few days before departure, my boss called me from Jakarta, after attending a meeting there with that colleague. My boss asked, “Just now Ms A told me that she is having distributor meeting on Saturday (the day that I planned to go to Great Wall). Why must she involve you in HER distributor’s meeting, which has nothing to do with you? If she is extending her stay to do her other works, you don’t have to follow her. You have your family here, if you need to come back earlier just tell her off.”

I was caught by surprised, why Ms A said that to my boss. So, instead of telling my boss about my plan for the sightseeing, I kept quite and told her I would check with Ms A before getting back to her. That was the 1st mistake I made. After that, there weren’t any points of turning back already…

I failed to contact Ms A in the next 2 days coz she never answered her phone until we reached Beijing. My boss was in Beijing as well, and she asked me again (before Ms A arrived). I, again, made a bigger mistake, by trying to cover up for Ms A, and I said, “I haven’t heard from Ms A, I will let you know after I talk to her.”

When I checked with Ms A finally, she denied what she told my boss (later I found out she is a 2 headed snake, I was too naive to cover up for her). So, I decided to tell my boss the truth that I was extending to do sightseeing. But, that was already too late – because she actually knew I was lying, before she even met me in Beijing. She knew it from her best friend – whom I told about my trip, because I originally didn’t have any intention to lie!

The most ironic part was, I didn’t know my boss knew already while she was further testing my faithfulness to her. She asked me again (giving me another chance): “If you are extending to sightsee that is fine, but why you did not know about this earlier? Didn’t you discuss before you make your flight booking? You are the project leader and this meeting is YOUR meeting, you should know the agenda and the schedule of this trip, and you have all the control.”

So, to cover up myself (or that woman) more, I lied further (story also not logical already)… I actually can’t remember what I said, but now think back, everything were so obvious that I lied.

The best part of this story is, I didn’t know my boss knew. Until last Thursday!!!!!! She was very distant from me these few months, and I could sense she disliked me. I was glad she brought it up yesterday, and she said I was influenced by Ms A, and became ‘bad’.

Lessons learned. Will not lie to my boss again. But damage is done. Very bad mood, 烦, since Thursday, so didn’t blog for a few days liao…

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Fighting Hunger

WFP (World Food Program) is organizing a Walk the World event this Sunday. This event aims to raise awareness and funds to help end child hunger. And we can help by:

  • Click on the URL here: - each click will contribute 19 US cents, donated by TNT Global Express, Logistics & Mail.
  • On July 12, take part in the walk (Malaysia is included!)
  • If you can't walk on 12 June, don't worry. You can still ensure that other hungry children receive the food they need by sending this link on to others:
  • You can even make a donation if you want. There is an option in the link.

As of today at 1800 hours (GMT+8:00), there are only 17 people registered to walk, from Malaysia. It is quite disappointing.

I want to help spread the words around, but my blog is not very popular, have very limited visitors. How I wish the other popular bloggers can blog about this, and increase the awareness. Let’s flight child hunger!

BTW, it would be good that bloggers meet up in the walk, like a MGT.
As for myself, I am going to arrange with MIL, hopefully she can take care of Ian, so I can participate! Hmm… otherwise, I’m not sure if they would accept me walking with ‘Ian in a pram’?

Monday, May 30, 2005


I always tell people, “I will xxxxxx, if I strike lottery.” For example:
“I will quite my job and be a SAHM if I strike lottery.”
“I will bring my mum and MIL to spa if I strike lottery.”
“I will get a maid if I strike lottery.”


For people who don’t know me well, may think that I always buy lottery. Well, I only buy 1 ticket during Chinese New Year. My friend always tells me, “If ChoySanYe (god of prosperity) wants to give you fortune, if you don’t even open your door how can he give you har?” So, I took her advice and buy once a year. I have never striked one.

Last week, DH told me that TOTO has accumulated the prize to 15 million. So, I have decided to try my luck. So embarrassing, I did not know how to buy! I went to the shop and gave the lady my 6 numbers. DH told me is from 1 to 49. So, one of the number I have chosen was 45.

I didn’t know what is that thing called, so I thought if the prize can be accumulated, must be called something like a ‘Jackpot’, so I told the lady I wanted RM1 of the Jackpot.

She said, “45 cannot. Maximum is 42, I change that to 42 ok?”
I blurred, blurred and said OK.

But then, before I walked out, I thought DH couldn’t be wrong. So I turned back:
“Miss ah, I thought the numbers are from 1 to 49 why 45 cannot?”
She then became defensive, “You told me you wanted to buy Jackpot. Jackpot is 1 to 42. If you want the one 1 to 49 it is called ‘Super’”.

Oops, so embarrassing. So I spent another 1 dollar bought the ‘Super’ ticket… well, of course I didn’t strike the lottery, but the most stupid thing I did was…


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Quality of Local Graduates

In today’s newspaper, there is a discussion about quality of the local university graduates. I am also locally educated but I don’t think I fit into the described typical local grads. However, I have to agree to the article.

I have worked with some postgraduates and undergraduates (internship), from local and overseas universities. Comparing the two, as well as my friends who are locally vs overseas graduated, I do find different qualities in them. I am not saying ALL local grads are like this, and ALL overseas grads are like that, but most of them are… unfortunately.

Overseas grads are generally more independent and have pleasant personality. I don’t have to tell them how to do a task. I just tell them what output I want from them, what are the objectives, and then I give them some leads. They generally can perform the task well - independently.

However, local grads usually need a lot more guidance. Sometimes it is even to the extent of handholding or spoon-feeding. Very often I have the feeling of “sigh, why don’t I do the task myself, it may save me more time and effort…”

Some of my locally graduated friends are exactly what is described in the article:

  • They don’t have good personality (rude, snobbish, selfish…)
  • They can’t express themselves fully in an interview, even with their friends
  • They have no working experience (I don’t count those part-time or 1-2 month job as experience).

But yet, they demand high salary. Some of these friends have not been able to get a permanent job until now (nearly 8 years after graduated), and they still dare to demand high salary! These are their complaints:

“You all already earning so much. I should not be paid less than 4k, this is discrimination!”
Well, you have never got experience in any permanent job, how can you demand that.

“This job is too difficult, have to work on Saturday…”
“They are giving me a ridiculous sales quota.”
“The office location is very jam.”
“That person is terrible lah, I think I can be his boss, how can I report to him?!”
Hello! Who do you think you are?

In my opinion, Malaysia’s education system uses too much of spoon-feeding. Even the solution suggested by the article is also very much spoon-feeding method, i.e. all undergraduates must go through a ‘job interview course’ before their graduation.

I don’t think all the good quality postgraduates, local or overseas, have all attended such course.

I Can Use WiFi!!

Aiyoh, dunno which Kampong I come from! I have been using this new company-notebook since Jan this year (HP Compaq nc4010), and until early this week only I discovered that it has WiFi device! It took me a few days to figure it out, installed the driver and tested it out!

While trying to install the WiFi driver and get it setup, I discovered how to activate the bluetooth too. Actually, I knew it comes with built-in bluetooth, but I never knew how to activate it. Our IT support said, “Press that button! Press that button!” But I was still blurred, not knowing what button he was referring too. I always thought that button is for microphone because the symbol really looks like a microphone! (at this point, my colleague shouted me Jakun (no offence har), I have to admit that lah! :p).

Actually, ever since I started using this model, I have been trying to hot sync it with my Palm Zire 72 – but never successful (always rely on cable), and I always thought my notebook’s bluetooth device is faulty. :p

Now, I can use wireless broadband already. Very excited, though I haven’t got any chance to really try out. Have checked out TMNet’s Hotspot. I thought Streamyx users’ rate is cheaper, but the savings is just insignificant. AirZed seem to have better coverage… But anyway, I better check which ones are supported by our IT department first…

Dear bloggers, if you are a user on wireless broadband, can give some recommendations? :)

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sembunyi SPA

Last Christmas, my department held a Christmas party with the theme ‘Tropical Christmas’. As usual, everyone was expected to dress up according to the theme, and there were penalties given to the worst dressed guy – turkey awards. I was too afraid to receive that ‘turkey awards’, so I rented a frutti-trutti hat. And… dadadada! I won the best dress, unexpectedly.

The prize was a Surf and Turf Spa Package at the Sembunyi Spa, Cyberview Lodge Resort and Spa. The gift voucher can only be used during weekdays, exclude public holidays.

Ever since given birth to Ian, I have to work and take care of him, how to go leh? So, delayed, delayed and delayed. Last Sat night when I was cleaning the house, I saw the voucher… Alamak, 10 June is the expiry date. So, have decided to take a day off and enjoy myself yesterday (Wed).

Because it was a weekday, I occupied the whole spa by myself. I soaked in the hot Jacuzzi, immersed in the cold pool, went in to the steam room… but quite boring because I was alone!

Then, the treatment started. It was a private room… Nicely scented. In the room, there was a window, bed, a warm bath…
All started with a traditional Balinese whole body massage. Oohhh… so comfortable that it made me dozed off. The long and soothing strokes, very calming.

Then, followed by scrub. It was sea salt with essential oil and cooling gel. It was meant for detoxifying and cleansing. I felt that my skin is really cleaned after that, from neck to toes (head not included lah!). I dozed off again.

After the scrub, I was wrapped in rich black mud in a warm blanket. It was hot, I was supposed to sweat inside, so I just sweat… and dozed off. (See how calming and soothing the whole thing is, I just keep sleeping – lazy bone mah! Hehehe!)

And finally, I was woke up, and asked to enjoy the Ocean’s Away bath, which is purifying salt and algae bath. Actually this is the smelliest part of the whole package. All the other parts come with nice aroma, but this one really smelled fishy. I was advised to soak in it for 20 minutes (hey, just the bath costs RM60!). But it was just so uncomfortable, imagine I soaked inside the bath with the mud wrap in my body! So, I only managed it for 5 min, then quickly shampooed myself and left the room.

After the spa session, wow, I really felt myself very clean, smoothed, and coated with very nice fragrance – luckily the last part’s smell doesn’t stick on me. The nice feeling and fragrant lingered for another 6 hour or so. Oohhhhh… I now understand how nice is a spa and I wish I could pay for my mom and MIL to join me. :)

Oh, BTW, the package was RM322. Now it is 295++. How generous my department is! But how can I afford for 3 persons leh? Think first har…

Sunday, May 15, 2005

If I Could Be

Aiyoh, on a bad Sunday like this, I checked out DoubleHappiness blog and saw this assignment for me! I don't like to delay stuff, so decided to finish this assignment first before blogging about bad Sunday...

What follows is a list of different occupations. The reader must select at least 5 of them. The reader may add more if they like to the list before they pass it on (after the reader select five of the items as it was passed to the reader). Of the five selected, the reader is to finish each phrase with what he would do as a member of that profession. Then pass it on to three other bloggers.

Here's that list: (My selections are in bold - don't expect me to be creative coz I am lazybone, ok? Hehehe!)
If [Reader] could be a scientist // If [Reader] could be a farmer
If [Reader] could be a musician // If [Reader] could be a doctor
If [Reader] could be a painter // If [Reader] could be a gardener
If [Reader] could be a missionary // If [Reader] could be a chef
If [Reader] could be an architect // If [Reader] could be a linguist
If [Reader] could be a psychologist // If [Reader] could be a librarian
If [Reader] could be an athlete // If [Reader] could be a lawyer
If [Reader] could be an innkeeper // If [Reader] could be a professor
If [Reader] could be a writer // If [Reader] could be a backup dancer
If [Reader] could be a llama-rider // If [Reader] could be a bonnie pirate
If [Reader] could be a midget stripper // If [Reader] could be a proctologist
If [Reader] could be a TV-Chat Show host // If [Reader] could be a pariah
If [Reader] could be an actor // If [Reader] could be a judge
If [Reader] could be a Jedi // If [Reader] could be a mob boss
If [Reader] could be a backup singer // If [Reader] could be a CEO
If [Reader] could be a movie reviewer // If [Reader] could be a monkey's uncle
If [Reader] could be a bible archaeologist //If [Reader] could be a househusband
If [Reader] could be a lifeguard //If [Reader] could be a comic artist
If [Reader] could be a stockbroker//If [Reader] could be a travel writer
If [Reader] could be a food reviewer //If [Reader] could be a politician
If [Reader] could be a male underwear model //If [Reader] could be a fashion designer
If [Reader] could be an game designer // If [Reader] could be a dog-trainer

If Lazybone could be a scientist, she would have invented a walk-a-air-cond (so Ian will not have to sweat so much when outdoor).
If Lazybone could be a farmer, she would not have killed so many plants nor forgot to water them.
If Lazybone could be a doctor, she would have cooled her husband down when Ian is only sneezing.
If Lazybone could be a chef, Ian would not have to eat such lousy food every weekend.
If Lazybone could be a stockbroker, she would be broke.

Now, pass this on to: Jason Mumbles, Msau and Mr. Kiasu! Sorry har...

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Kota Kinabalu Trip

In KK, in between Shannon’s baptize ceremony and the dinner party, we went to the Monsopiad Cultural Village. We paid RM30 per person, 6 of us (excl Ian). It was claimed that if you have been to KK without visiting this MCV, you are considered not been to KK (so exaggerating).

It was said that the village is the only cultural village at the real headhunter tribe’s original place, and what is exhibited is the real/original things, with some maintenance/renovation (of course). The greatest attraction here is the House of Skulls, which displays the real human skulls hunted by the famous warrior Monsopiad himself. The cultural village is named after this warrior/headhunter. I can’t remember how many skulls, but it is in the region of c 24.

Unfortunately my entrance fee is not worth paying, because I could not join the guided tour as Ian started to get fussy and made so much noise disturbing other tourists. When we were at the House of Skulls, Ian cried so badly and refused to be carried in his sarong sling. Because of him moving so much, I found it so hard to carry him I believed he needed his fix. So, I only had a glance of the skulls with my 眼尾 (end of eye) quickly left and park myself at the registration office to bf him. Right after his fix, he immediately backed to his alert stage (thank God!).

We then joined back the group at the cultural dance center. I thought it was funny; the leader of the dance group (4 of them) has to make a funny noise “Yee----- Yak”, “Yee---- Yak”, all the way. After the dance, Ian was able to pick it up “Yee---- Yak”! :D
We were also invited to go up and dance with them twice. All the 7 of us including Ian (DH hold him) did. The last dance – bamboo dance, is something I used to play in school, the rhythm got faster and faster, until all of us got kepit by the bamboo! It was so fun! :)

Sunday early morning, I brought Ian to the pool before DH’s friend picked us at 10am. I have always wanted to bring him to the pool, so must grab this opportunity. He was initially very scared in the water, but later when he saw other older boys swimming, he slowly enjoyed it too.

At 10am, we went over to the Sunday market, followed by the Philippino market. Nothing much to see, only hot HOT HHOOTTT! Ian was soon soaked with sweat, and they have to drop Ian and me back to hotel first because he was getting tired and fussy.

And this Ian ah, he really spoiled our plan lah. I thought if he could sleep at 1pm, and wake up at 3pm, we could at least spend an hour at the harbour there, enjoying the nice scenery and waterfront. Unfortunately he was so alert and happy when we were back to our room. He crawl here crawl there on the bed. Instead of him falling to sleep, I was the one. At around 2pm, he came and woke me up “Emm, emm’. OMG, he wanted to poo. Too late liao before I could grab the potter. He already poo a little in the diaper, but refused to make more. So, fed him some lunch, and this time he was able to sleep, but that was already 2:30pm. At 3:45pm, we had no choice but to wake him up (check out at 4pm). We just had a quick GLANCE at the harbour only, less than 5 min, and had to leave the hotel, some more it started raining right at 4pm.

With children ah, you cannot plan anything one lah!
So, the whole trip, 48% in the hotel ROOM, 30% in DH’s friend’s house, 10% at the MCV, 10% under the sun (markets), and 2% in the pool. Not bad, but if we can spend some time at the waterfront/harbour that would make my days. So greedy huh?!

Friday, May 06, 2005

The 21st century version of health

Received this from a 'snack mail', think it is good...

Q: I've heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?
A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that's it... don't waste them on exercise. Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not make you live longer; that's like saying you can extend the life of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a nap.

Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?
A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a lamb eat? Leaves and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So a kebab is nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering vegetables to your system.
Need grain? Eat chicken.

Q: Should I reduce my alcohol intake?
A: No, not at all. Wine is made from fruit. Brandy is distilled wine, that means they take the water out of the fruity bit so you get even more of the goodness that way. Beer is also made out of grain. Bottoms up!

Q: How can I calculate my body/fat ratio?
A: Well, if you have a body and you have body fat, your ratio is one to one. If you have two bodies, your ratio is two to one, etc.

Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular exercise program?
A: Can't think of a single one, sorry. My philosophy is: No Pain...Good

Q: Aren't fried foods bad for you?
A: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING!!!. Foods are fried these days in vegetable oil. How could getting more vegetables be bad for you?

Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft around the middle?
A: Definitely not! When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger. You should only be doing sit-ups if you want a bigger stomach.

Q: Is chocolate bad for me?
A: Are you crazy? HELLO ? Cocoa beans ... another vegetable!!! It's the best feel-good food around!

Q: Is swimming good for your figure?
A: If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me.

Q: Is getting in-shape important for my lifestyle?
A: Hey! 'Round' is a shape!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Have just came back from New Delhi a week ago. It is the dirtiest city/country I have ever been to. I remember last year when I first went there, the air was so polluted. Within the short distance from the airport to hotel, when I reached my room, I blown my nose and found all black! It was such a horrible thought of revisiting it…

This time, it is the only business trip I did not bring back any expressed breastmilk (EBM) after giving birth to Ian. I was so skeptical on the hygiene and water quality, decided not to risk it.

Before my first trip to Delhi, all my colleagues advised me to drink only bottled water. Some even to the extent of asking me to brush my teeth and wash my face with bottled water, which I eventually followed last year (when I was pregnant).

Four years ago, my ex-colleague went there for holiday. When it was time she was supposed to report back to work, she didn’t show up. Later we found out she had terrible food poisoning due to dirty water, and was hospitalized in India, unable to make her way home!

Well, looks like I have to make another trip there in August… such thought really spoil my mood… :(

Sight Seeing in Beijing 3 – Temple of Heaven (天坛) and太极柔力球 (Taiji Soft-Strength Ball)

On the last day of my last stay in Beijing, my flight was ‘unfortunately’ very late, at 4pm. I did some short sight seeing, just like what I did on my first trip. This time, in between the 3 places that I wish to see: 雍和宫, 颐和园and 天坛 (Temple of Heaven), I chose Temple of Heaven.
Temple of Heaven is actually surrounded by a large garden, where it is also a leisure place for a lot of local folks, just like our Lake Garden or FRIM but with a lot more people. Hundreds of people doing different activities in groups, such as Tai Ji, Badminton, Social Dance, etc. What attracted me most is what is called 太极柔力球 (Taiji Soft-Strength Ball).
Image hosted by

When I was searching for 七星石 (Seven Star Stone), I stumbled into a group of hundreds of people playing this Taiji Ball. The balls look like sticking to the rackets, won’t drop even the rackets turned 360 degree. I found it quite fun, trying to take some photos. But photos cannot bring out the fun of the sport, so I tried to take some short movies of a lady (with her permission). She then invited me to try out the sport – I found it so fun and finally bought a set to bring home (2 rackets, 2 balls, and a bag, cost CNY 65). It is a sport that you can play alone, in 2 persons, or even in a group of a few people made into a circle! I don’t know how to show a short movie on this site, otherwise I can show it here. Can anyone tell my how to do this? :)

When I played this back at home, everyone at the part looked at us in interest. It is a really fun sport. If I go back again, I will buy a few more sets.
Anyway, for the Temple of Heaven, it is just a few structures where the emperor prayed. Nothing much except nice architecture.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sight Seeing in Beijing 2 – Great Wall and Ming’s Tomb

Last week, I went to Great Wall, Ming’s Tomb and Temple of Heaven in Beijing. For Great Wall and Ming’s Tomb, I joined a local tour, which cost only CNY 150.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThis is the outside of Ming’s Tomb. When I went inside, dare not to take photo because it IS a tomb. Got to observe the rules… Anyway, I was very disappointed with this. The tour brought us to 长陵(chang ling) instead of 定陵 (ding ling). The latter one is already been dig and opened for visiting, you an actually see the underground palace. The former is only some stone roofs/architectural built on the ground, and it has not been opened, basically nothing to see at all. When we were at Chang Ling, I was very excited thinking we could go down and see the underground palace, didn’t know it is not opened. At that point of time, I didn’t know Ding Ling is the one that most people visits. Have to blame on my lack of research. (Really embarrassing because I am a researcher but I never do my own homework)

As for the Great Wall, am glad that we were given 2 hours to climb up. It was very tiring given that I have not been worked out in the past 2 months, since Chinese New Year (my pilates teacher is going to complain liao!). But I think the climb was worthy, though I didn’t see much scene due to air pollution.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
This is what I saw from the highest point I reached (looking back). But, the highest point I went is not the highest achievable points… I didn't have the time to climb up to the highest because I headed for the wrong route. Should have gone out half way to the 好汉坡 and walk along the dirt then join the other path. Instead, I reached a dead end, looking at the other side but not reachable (see photo below)…

Image hosted by Photobucket.comBTW, we took an auto cart up to half way before walking up with foot. Maybe we should have taken the cable car, which is on the other side of the Great Wall. That one is closer to the highest point. Actually I think back about the auto cart, it doesn't look safe at all, and I wonder how safe can the cable car be. This is definitely against HSSE policy in my company, I should have avoided it…

Image hosted by Photobucket.comOn our way down the Great Wall, there were so many bears (not Panda though) around. They look so adorable. People feed them with dried apples.

When we were back, we headed straight to WangFuJing 王俯井 hawker street to have some dinner. I ate at the roadside for the first time, together with the locals. Bought the 过桥米线 (a type of meehoon soup) and ate by the roadside. It didn’t taste well, but we bought it because we saw so many people queuing, naturally we thought it was very good. Anyway, while we were eating, we saw real beggar. Unlike some of the Malaysian beggars, I think they are real – this guy he was waiting at the waste bin. When there are people who throw the bowl in (disposable), he quickly went and search for leftover. I felt so sorry for him, and I left half of my meehoon – put on the ground so he could eat them. But come to think of it, my act actually encourages more beggars to be there, which I don’t think their government will like. OK, I will not do that again…

Sight Seeing in Beijing 1

During my last business trip to Beijing, I extended 1 day on my own to sightsee. This was the 3rd time I went to Beijing. During the 1st trip, as the return flight was at 4pm, I had the morning to so short visit to the Forbidden City. 2nd trip, return flight was early morning, so didn’t have the chance to sightsee.

I have visited the followings in my 1st and 3rd trip:
- Forbidden City (故宫博物院)
- Great Wall (长城)
- Ming’s tomb: Chang Ling (长陵)
- Temple of Heaven (天坛)

Of all those that I have visited, I really enjoyed Forbidden City. There is an auto audio guide for rental, at only CNY 10 (around RM4.70). The audio guide explains very well on the history and structure of the palace, and it also has an electronic map indicating where you are. The only weakness of the audio guide is, it is activated by some sensors in various points of the palace. If you walk to a new place before it finishes explaining the previous one it will not repeat nor continue what it has not finished. So, just watch out for that, and let it finish before you walk into the next section should be ok.

I did not carry a camera during my 1st trip, so didn’t have any photos to share for Forbidden City. I spent 3 hours, walking every parts of the palace that are opened for visitors. It was a slow and relaxing walk, I really enjoyed it. I never liked going anywhere alone, but this is so enjoyable that it changed my attitude towards being a lone-ranger. It is definitely worth going. BTW, the entrance fee is only CNY 40!

Event book vs Diary (事记/日记)

Many years ago, when I was still in school (cheh, sounds like I am very old already – next time should not use this to start), I used to like writing diary. Well, I always WANTED to write, but ahem… lazybone me, I never write ‘diary’ everyday. The gaps between my ‘diary’ entries have been increasing until sometime reached 1 year!

So, I have given up writing diaries. I call my little booklet 事记, i.e. event note. I only write when I feel like writing, or when there is ‘big’ things happened, or when I am very upset. Actually I have a very bad habit, I feel like writing stuff when I feel very upset. So, my little booklet is full with unhappy moments. Sometimes it is very demotivating when reading those entries. I remember reading somewhere that, someone only records happy moments in her diary, so when she is upset she reads them and makes her happy. Hey, why am I doing something reverse?

Actually, I did that because I need a channel to release my frustrations/upset feeling. Writing is a good way because it will not betray you, nor upset you by telling you what you should or should not do (hey I just need a listener!). So, my little booklet is my loyal listener.

Of course, I also try to record down happy moments, e.g. the birth of Ian, DH did something for me etc.

And now, looking at blog… at first, I thought maybe I could convert my blog to the ‘event book’, but I realized I couldn’t do that. You just don’t know who is reading, maybe your boss is there, your friends are there, etc. So, I would still stick to my little booklet for any sensitive matters. :D

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Blogging vs Essay Writing

Blog is really a new term to me. It is kind of infections bugs, and I can see a lot of bloggers around, suddenly everyone is writer already, including myself!

When I was still a school kid many years ago, everyone hates essay writing. Even writing diary seems so difficult to many of us. We didn’t like to write, and we thought we were lousy writer, and in fact we wrote lousily.

Now, with this infectious blog bugs, everyone seem to be talented in writing. I do find a lot of good writers in the blog world. Why is it so? Hmm… puzzled.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


There are so many anniversaries or important dates to remember and celebrate. In my family (excluding IL and parents), we already have the followings (anything that we need to buy gifts):

  • DH’s birthday (Oct)
  • Ian’s birthday (Apr)
  • My birthday (Nov)
  • Paktor anniversary (Jan)
  • Wedding anniversary 1 (official registration date) (Feb)
  • Wedding anniversary 2 (actual Chinese ceremony date) (Nov)
  • Mother’s day (May)
  • Father’s day (June)
  • Children’s day (Nov)
  • Christmas (Dec)
  • Etc

Almost every month there is something going on. If we really celebrate all these days, I think we will be broke. I guess only the trades would love it. ^_^

So, we actually only celebrate Ian’s birthday and Christmas (for the fun) only. All the other days, if we have time, if have the mood maybe we celebrate -- actually this way there is more surprise element! But we have to agree first, that if nothing is done, cannot get angry. So far so good.


I am terribly sleep deprived. I can’t believe I can still walk and talk like normal. Many years ago, I dare to tell people that I need a lot of sleep and I need minimum 8 hours sleep a day. I loved sleeping anyway.

But, but, but… Sigh! Ever since getting on this job, and got a baby, sleep is like a luxury to me. When I don’t have to travel, it is Ian who wakes me up at night. When I have to travel, I work round the clock!

Why I always sleep very little when traveling? That’s because my travel companions or my counterparts in other countries just don’t understand that breastfeeding mothers’ day ends 45 min later and starts 45 min earlier than any other people – we have to spend time expressing breastmilk!

So, when I worked in my boss’s room on day 1 in Houston until 4am – I actually slept at nearly 5am. And when the meeting started at 8am the next day, I had to wake up at 6:30am (if no travel to meeting venue is required). To other people, I would have slept for at least 3 hours (from 4am to 7am), which I actually slept only 1.5 hours.

I am really thirst for more sleep. Oh, my golden school days – now I truly appreciate those days that I could sleep until 12 noon. Sob, sob, sob.

Now, I have decided, when I retire later, I want to sleep as much as I like – but then my DH told me when I reach that age I would want to do as many things as I can rather than sleep. Wait and see how it is in the future.

No time to blog

Double Happiness has been ‘pressuring’ me to blog. Actually I really wanted to blog, a great channel to put down my thoughts and get feedback from others. But…, well, as you can see from my blog title, I am lazybone, so – I AM LAZY TO BLOG!

Hehehehe! Actually not really because of laziness. I have been working very hard lately. I have been traveling a lot and sleep very little. When I have the time, I would rather spend it with my darling son, Ian, than sitting in front of the computer blogging. I’m sure
DoubleHappiness would understand me, right? ^_^

I have been trying to avoid the thread about
‘sharing your blog’ in MMB, because I am guilty, I just dare not to see if there is any posts from DoubleHappiness questioning me where is my blog. Actually have registered and posted a few articles earlier, but too few that I am too shy to announce it yet. Wait till I have a decent number of articles first…

Friday, February 04, 2005

Lazy Bone

I have been wanting to blog ever since exposed to DoubleHappiness’s blog. Been persuaded to blog by DoubleHappiness as well, and finally made a promise in MMB to start one.

I tried signing up, but stuck at the registration – what name should I give to my blog? I do not want to use my real name, and I also do not want to use my son’s name (I still want more children, then the siblings will be jealous in the future leh?!). So, what name to use? Discussed with
DoubleHappiness, is it really because of name issue or because I was just too lazy and tried finding excuses for myself?! Then I told DoubleHappiness I am such a LazyBone… She thought this is a good name! There I go…

Talking about being lazy, actually who is not lazy? I work so hard now, because I am lazy – I want to live a lazy life in the future… When I was still schooling, my friends asked me what was my hobbies, I always say “Sleep and Eat”. Yes, I love sleeping. I used to be called ‘sleeping beauty’ in school – not that I was pretty, but I am well known for loving to sleep and able to sleep in any conditions. I am always seen sleeping in the class, in front of teachers, in bus/train, etc.

When F6, teachers usually didn’t bother whether we paid attention in school or not. And I always dozed off during the Mathematics and PA classes. Once, after school, I attended a tuition class. Seated in the first row, I suddenly felt so sleepy, tried holding on my eyelids with my 4 fingers (2 fingers from each hand)… the next thing I realized was, I fell asleep with my eyes opened (forced opened by my fingers) and the tuition teacher staring at me!

Those are the day when I could enjoy 10-hr sleep a night…

Now, after Ian was born, 8 hr sleep is already a luxury to me. On average 6 hour is very good! Oh, goodbye my sleep golden era!!! Sayonara!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

EBM in Aircraft Toilet

LazyBone: “Excuse me, I need to use the toilet for about 30 min to express my breastmilk. I just want to inform you first, so you are aware of this and won’t wonder what happen to me whether I fainted in the toilet or not.”

Crew: “Oh, sure, I’ll let my colleagues know as well.”

---- in the toilet ---

[Ding-dong! Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan, tanda isyarat memasang tali keledar baru dipasangkan. Sila kembali ke tempat duduk anda dan pasangkan tali keledar….]
LazyBone: “Oh! Not again!!! I was just half way through, why is the ride so bumpy! Should I continue or should I quit and go back to my seat??!!”

--- back to the cabin ---
[open and close the toilet door]
Crew: “Hi! How was the session? Was it ok?”

LazyBone: “Oh! I had to end earlier due to the announcement.”

Crew: “Well, actually you can still continue to express in the toilet…”

LazyBone: “Really? Then I better go back and finish it off.”

Crew: “… but it may just spurt to everywhere in the toilet! Hahahahaha!”
(burst into laughter)

My job requires a lot of traveling. As a breastfeeding and frequent-travel mother, expressing in the aircraft is like everyday life to me. What I hate most when expressing in the aircraft is when the whether turns bad. It gets very frustrating when half way doing my ‘business’, suddenly the plane got bumpy and seat belt sign turned on. I always have to choose between to risk my life continue expressing in the small toilet, or to stop expressing and return to my seat.

Unfortunately, it was just my luck that almost EVERYTIME when I expressed in the plane I experienced this. Most of the time I would just ignore and continue expressing – who would want to give up when the let-down just started?!

Today, I was on my way to Beijing, same thing happened. The above was my conversation with the airline crew. He was a very humorous guy, with a wife who is breastfeeding a baby less than 3 month old. He was very interested to find out how to store and keep ebm – which I regretted very much that I didn’t bring with me the
MMB brochure!