Monday, March 24, 2008

LED rope lighting

I've been asked to review this LED rope light from Birddog Distributing.

I've never heard of this LED rope light, so I did some research. I am pretty much surprised with its beauty and its benefits.

Basically, LED (Light-Emitting-Diode) is the kind of light bulp used in most of the cars' tail lights. My old Satria's 3rd break light used LED. And lately I've bought some torch lights with LED bulps as well. They are usually brighter than the traditional light bulps. Because it doesn't involve burning of filaments like traditional bulps, LED uses less energy and producing more lights/brightness.

And these LED rope lights are slowly replacing conventional rope lights due to its energy saving, low heat and long lasting attributes.

Though I could see there are various types of rope lights (2-wire, 3-wire, 5 wire), but I could only see 2-wire LED rope lights in Birddog Distributing, maybe that's the only one available. Currently they are running promotions and prices are slashed for a limited time. Some are bout 37% discounted.

This LED rope lights comes in 7 different colours, i.e. red, blue, yellow, warm white, cool white, green and RGB (changing colours). This allows outdoor light decorations to be done more creatively.


I actually find the rope lightings quite fascinating. Never knew we can do so much with LED rope lightings. It would be good if the site can share more examples of the usage of rope lights.

Here is an example picked from the site to show how beautiful they are. Mostly for commercial usage though.


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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Great Japanese Dinner at Zipangu, Shangri-la KL

My sister has decided to give me a treat last weekend, and she brought me to Zipangu at Shangri-la Kuala Lumpur for a Japanese feast.

She chose this venue because she is the Shangri-la's Prestige Platinum cardholder, which entitles her for 50% discounts on the bill (before tax). She highly recommended Zipangu's foie gras, and has been mentioning it many times. This is the first time I try that out.

These are the things that we ordered...

First, it is the not-to-be-missed sashimi. As both of us like only Salmon, she ordered Salmon Belly (Sashimi Harasu). Salmon Belly is more tender and juicy. It basically melts in your toungue, and it is a lot sweeter than other parts.


Then, the rice came. We ordered Rice in Green Tea and Salmon Mustard Onigiri (Rice Ball). We are very Asian, must eat rice. LOL!
Tea rice
Tea-Rice: RM16, Rice-Ball: RM10

To eat the tea-rice, we must pour the tea into the rice, mix well before eating.
Tea rice 2

The above were for sharing, and while we were eating our rice, the highlight of the night arrived - Unagi Foie Tohga (eel and foie gras). There are 3 items in the bowl. The one on the top is foie gras (i.e. goose liver). Underneath it is a slice of eel, and at the bottom is a piece of winter melon.
Foie Gras

We had one bowl each, and they gave me a very generous size of foie gras. It gave me a very satisfying bite. The foie gras was fried outside, and then braised (or steamed?) till cooked inside, and the juices from the foie gras and unagi were absorbed fully by the winter melon. So, every single pieces of items were delicious, and one can accidentally swallow your own toungue!

The last dish came, and it was called Mentaiko Gratin. It is basically mixed seafood pieces, baked in cheese sauce. A dish quite westernized. Though this is also a nice dish, I think it is overly priced, and nothing so special about it that you cannot skip. Hmm, perhaps we were already full that time?
Mentaiko Gratin

We ended our dinner with glutinous rice skin rolled in ice-cream for each of us. I forgot to take down the photo, but this is really GOOD! The ice-cream that we ordered was black sesame ice-cream, instead of the green-tea ice-cream that I usually would order. The rice skin was very fresh and thin, when it wraps the ice-cream, it blends in very well with it... Yummy... The dessert costs RM15 per bowl.

With the above, the total was over RM300+, but since my sister is a Prestige Platinum cardholder, she only paid RM155.83 for the above (2 Unagi Foie Tohga, 2 Daifuku Goma, all others 1 each).

How to become a Prestige Platinum member? First year subscription fee is RM499, and subsequent years is RM488. First year you get only 1 card, but subsequent years you get 2 cards. One card entitles 2 persons dining, so if you have more than 2, you'll need more cards (that's why the second years onwards more worthy). If you always go for fine dining, this is definitely a good offer. It is not only limited to the Japanese restaurants, it is to be used in all the restaurants in Shangri-la.

For enquiry on card or make reservations, dial: +60 3 2032 2388