Friday, February 15, 2008

Massage in Bangkok

If you have been to Thailand, but not experienced a Thai massage, then you are considered not visited Thailand!

That was what I was told, when I first visited Thailand many years ago.

I am not a person fond of body massage because I dislike strangers touching my naked body. And I don't like the typical Thai massage, as I have fear of breaking my bones when they twist my limbs. :P

So, I settled for foot massage, and I trully love it. Thai's foot massage is different from the Chinese, though they both refer to it as Foot Reflexology.

As my job now requires me to travel a lot, everytime when I go to Bangkok, I never missed it. However, year on year, I feel a drop in the quality. I got disappointed on many occassions. My colleagued even stopped doing massage completely.

But then, my friend who works in Bangkok now, brought me to two very good ones in my last visit. If you are looking for good Thai massage, you should visit them. They are not too pricey and the massuers are very well-trained.

They are both very good, and we would use them depends on vicinity and availability.

Asia Herb Association is near to the hotel that I always stay, very convenient for me. It is located on Sukhumvit Soi 24, just walking distance from Phrom Phong BTS and Davis Hotel.

In my last visit, I paid BHT 450 for 90 mins Foot/Head & Shoulder Massage (BHT 350 for 60 mins). It was really, really, good. I didn't know how tired my feet was, until the massuer gave them a good touch. It was sooooooo GOOD that I fell asleep. If I had stayed longer, I would have visited them more. :D

I missed it the first night because they were fully booked. So it is important to make advanced booking. Their number is: 02261 7401, 02260 8864. It is very popular amongst tourists, and particularly the Japanese. For more info, visit their website: Asia Herb Assiciation.

Another recommended one is Health Land, this is very popular amongst the locals. I tried it once, on full body aromatherapy massage. It was very good as well, but as I generally dislike full body massages, and the outlet is located quite far from the hotel, I didn't visit it again - not if my friend drives! :P

Whatever it is, I have a strong believe if the locals go there, it must be good and reasonably priced. True enough, compared to other outlets, it is a lot cheaper. Foot reflexology is only BHT 250 for 60 min.

For more info you can hop over to their website: Health Lang Spa.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Fuji restaurant, Bangkok

When I was in Bangkok, my best friend took me to this place in Tesco -- Fuji Japanese restaurant. It is a chain, and my friend said the price is very reasonable.

I was very hungry the time when we had our dinner. It was way passed my usual dinner time, due to time difference and shopping done. :P

In the beginning I still able to take photo, but when my main course came, I've just forgot about it. LOL!

Here is fry asperagus. Very fresh and juicy. I like it with a little bit of chilli.

Japanese Dinner - Asperagus

Egg sushi and seaweed:
Japanese Dinner - Egg sushi and seaweed

Here is the mushroom salad. I don't quite like it, coz there is too much of glass noodle.
Japanese Dinner - Mushroom Salad

This is the usual egg pouch sushi (dunno the name). It is quite different from what I had in the past, coz the rice inside is not just plain rice. It has a mix of some pickles and finely chopped mushroom.
Japanese Dinner - rice balls

The rest, I forgot to take photo. They are: unagi teriyaki, salmon sashimi and garlic rice.

I dislike the unagi teriyaki, couldn't finish either. I might be prejudice on the dish, coz I dislike anything to do with teriyaki anyway. Another reason I dislike this is, it has a lot of bones, all over the piece of the fish. Every single bite I am stuck with bones which I couldn't swallow. I am just not good at unagi - also not my favourite fish. I ordered this out of no choice, they have sold out gindara shioyaki. :(

Anyway, they didn't give me the itemised receipt, so I don't know the cost of each item. In total, we spent RM 138 for the whole bill! It wasn't cheap at all, for the type of things we ordered.

Compared to the fine dining Jap restaurant in Jakarta, Nadaman in Shangri-La, this is definitely not worthy at all. Imagine, the meals I had on the second day was less than RM50 (as it turned out in my credit card bill). If we ordered 2 sets, it would still come out less than RM100, in oppose to RM138 for what we had here in Fuji... Interesting to know why she thinks it is cheap, must check with her again.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Pratunam Market

In my last visit to Bangkok, I had a very busy schedule. Meeting was from 8am to 5pm everyday. On the second day evening, right afte I dropped my stuff back to the hotel, I took a cab to the Pratunam market.

I was deterined tha I must do some shopping. I have been grounded for more than 3 months and havn't got the chance to buy any CNY clothes for the children and even myself!

Pratunam Market

I went to the Pratunam wholesale market, despite knowing it was probably too late. When I arrived 80% of the shops were closed, and the rest were in the process of closing. I managed to catch one shop before they closed the shutter. It is a shop for children's clothing.

As I was in a hurry (can't believe that my bladder was full at this critical hour!), I didn't have the energy and time to negotiate, but I was pretty happy with the price despite knowing I probably paid higher than I would if I have time.

Here are the pants and shirts bought in that shop. All shirts are priced at THB100 (RM10), pants at THB150 (RM15), and jeans at THB200 (RM20). Ya, some of the sizes are too big - remember I was in a HURRY?
Pratunam clothes for kids

I then quickly went to the toilet in a mall nearby (nearby? 10 min walk!!). After than, when I returned, all shops were closed INSIDE the main block of the Pratunam market. What were left, only those outlets along the main road.

Still not too bad. I found a shop selling very little choices of children's clothes, but VERY CHEAP! Look, the Cheongsam for Isabel are only THB250 (RM25) for all the 4 pieces!
Cheongsam for kids

You can't even get this in Beijing, not to mention KL. I checked at Isetan KL a week later, similar dress (not same of course) costs RM89.90!!! Well, of course the ones at Isetan is a branded one - 'China Town'. But come one, 'China Town'? I don't really recognize that brand. LOL! Furthermore, for kids, I won't spend that much just for a dress that would probably last for 6 months only.

I then went to Carrefour and shopped at the stalls nearby. Wasn't keen to go to the SuanLum night bazaar as my aim is really clothes only. At Carrefour stalls, I only found black and white coloured clothes. Then, remembered it was the mourning period for the demised prince, which the citizens would mourn for 150 days.

Though they are all B&W clothes, their design is quite interesting. I found many nice B&W clothes but didn't really want too many of those. Hey, my aim was for CNY, how can I wear mourning clothes for New Year celebration? I will be killed by all the elders. LOL!