Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vegetarian western food restaurant - Camp Forest

When we first saw the ad of Camp Forest Restaurant in the Kepong Metro magazine, I wondered if it is a branch of Cameleon Vegetarian Restaurant because they share the same Chinese name: 甘味林.

This restaurant is not just a vegetarian restaurant, it is a WESTERN vegetarian restaurant that serves the common western food people like in KL.

We decided to give it a try, because I love the food in Cameleon, and I did hope the quality of Camp Forest is at least equivalent to Cameleon.

We went there on Thu evening. The first impression when we arrived was very good. The restaurant was set up in a tropical forest mood. Dining inside, you won't feel that you are in the city. Instead, it gives me a feeling like having holiday in a resort place!

Camp Forest

The restaurant has a few fountains and a man-made 'waterfall' with koi fishes around the diners. It has attracted both my children immediately. They chose to sit near the water so they can observe the fishes and fountains.

My son ordered spaghetti 'O' Olio (like aglio olio, without the chilli flakes). It turned out to be quite tasteless and he rejected it (he likes heavily seasoned food).
Spaghetti O Olio

I expected him to change his mind, so I ordered something different - their set dinner: Caesar Salad + Rancheros Chicken Breast + Butter Cake with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce + Jasmine Tea.

The Caesar Salad actually was just normal garden salad (no romain lettuce).
Caesar Salad

The chicken chop turned out to be very nice. Ian ate half of the chicken chop, and kept telling me it was very tastety. Whew! Made the right choice for my choosy son... Note: This chicken chop is not real chicken, it is made of flour and soy etc, all vegetarian ingredient. However, it tastes just like real chicken - my son didn't know it wasn't!
Chicken Chop

DH ordered an Indian curry noodle. It came in a very HUGE bowl. There are many ingredients in the curry, and we were impressed by the various types of 'meat' - fish cake, fish ball, chicken, pork, charsiu, etc. They all tasted differently, with different texture - and all are not real meats!
Indian Curry Noodle

We also ordered a Fried Seaweed Triangle to share. It is a very tasty snack, suitable to go with beer. But as we were over fed by the time this was served, we couldn't finish it.
Fried Seaweed Triangle

By the time when they served us the dessert - Butter Cake and Ice Cream, we were too full to eat anything. I thought the dessert would go to waste. I just took a few spoon full of ice cream.
Butter Cake and ice cream

But then, it turned out that Ian loved it so much. Not only that we finished the dessert, he didn't even want to give up the left over peanuts and gravy on the plate. He scooped them into his mouth! LOL! Indeed, the next day he still missed this dessert and told me he wanted to return. :)

The butter cake is not just butter cake. It was warm (like fresh from the oven), coated with crunched peanuts, and topped with chocolate sauce. The dry butter cake blend in very well when eaten together with the ice-cream (but too dry to eat on its own).

Ian ate so much that he actually threw out some before bed time! :) I guess that's also because we seldom indulge him into desserts like this. Now I know what my son loves.

The restaurant's address is:
Lot 13848, Jalan 53,
Taman Desa Jaya Kepong
52100 KL
Tel: +60 16-2296 949

Direction map:
Map to Camp Forest

Monday, December 10, 2007

My blog is reviewed

Valmg from Home and Vacation has done a review on Lazy Bone a few weeks ago. She offered to review our blogs for free in the PPP forum, how generous she is!!

In her review of this blog, she pointed out that my blog has very little usage of photos. For a travel blog, photo is very important in bringing out the attractions.

I actually had a problem with that, coz I didn't have a good camera. I relied a lot on my cellphone's camera, which was very sensitive to movements and lights. I often unable to take any photos in a rush.

Now that I've got a new camera, I believe I can make better quality posts with better pictures. :)