Friday, December 29, 2006

Taking Loans

What do you do when you have financial difficulties? Do you borrow from friends? Family? Neighbours? What's their reaction when you do that? Have you ever been rejected, and don't know what to do next?

There are a few online loan sites available for this kind of needs. These are legal ones, unlike the loan sharks here.

There are a few types of loans available, secured loans, personal loans, mortgages, and etc.

In fact, credit card is also a form of loan, but the interest rate is definitely the highest. In fact, if you have unsettled credit card loan, you should take a personal loan to offset it, as personal loan's interest rate is usually much lower.

Secured loans are for those who already have bad credit history, as this kind of loan is usually tied in with some assets, e.g. your house. So, 'secured' for the lender. :)

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Upcoming Holiday

I am have 5 days off till next Tuesday. Very luckily, I managed to book our company's holiday bungalow in Cameron Highlands.

I'm going to bring my family, my mom & dad, my sister and SIL there, for the upcoming new year celebration!

I'm so excited and looking forward to that holiday! Will be off soon, to buy some food stuff!

Happy New Year to all of you!

PPP Postie Patrol #3

Just before Christmas, HP and PPP teamed up for HP's Digital Photography Review through the latest Postie Patrol. It took place in the very chilly Chicago (I was just there couple of months ago!!).

The lucky postie this time was Robyn Nykaza. So, what is Postie Patrol? Watch the video below for the answer:

There are a lot of HP gears and cash to be won, including a digital camera, a digital printer and a thousand dollar cash price! When it comes to that fabulous prizes, anyone would do the same, even in that icy winter weather of Chicago! It was actually minus 9F during the game.

What I like most about the video is, where Ted acted like a fish - so hillarious!

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cilantro Restaurant

Last Friday we had our department's Christmas party at Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar, Micasa All Suite Hotel.

We started with cocktail, while waiting for all to arrive. There are 3 items for cocktail: scallop, prawn, and duck meat. Scallop is very good and juicy, prawn is not bad, but duck meat is jus so-so.

After all were seated, they started serving warm bread - their homemade wholemeal bread was very delicious. It was very soft, full with nuts and grains. The spread for the bread was very good that one of our guys almost ate it alone!

For starter, they served Pan Fried Unagi and Foie Gras with Mesclun Salad. This is the first time I had foie fras. I never know both unagi and foie gras can blend in together so well. They are very soft, and nearly melt in my mouth.

The Cream of Wild Mushroom with Shaved Truffle is ordinary. The 3rd starter was Seared Smoked Salmon with Fresh Water Prawn and Nantua Sauce. I don't like it. I only ate a quater of the salmon, coz it is just too salty.

Following the smoked salmon, we had our main course. There are 2 choices: Steamed Seabass with Tarabagani and Ohba Broth, or Pan Fried Black Angus Beef with Natural Jus. I chose the beef as it is chef's recommendation!

It came in a very tiny piece, but I think it is just nice for me. The steak was very juicy and tender, can beat those I had in US.

The dinner ended with a nice dessert with coffe or tea. The dessert was Dark Chocolate Cup Cake & Nougat Glace with Raspberry Coulis. Well, it is actually warm cocolate cup cake - similar to the one that I ate in Chicago! It was so good that my boss had 2 plates!!!

As for drinks, we ordered Cloudy Bay - a very nice New Zealand white wine, which someone quoted: "If you order Cloudy Bay, you will never go wrong."

The set dinner cost us around RM180++ per pax.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Silly Video

I love animation. I especially love watching those brainless ones. :P

Come let's watch this silly chef trying to cook a chicken. This animation has won the online animation award 2006.

Play the animation now!

My Other Blog

I would like to introduce to you my other blog, to write those 'boring' or serious stuff. That blog, is tentatively, going to be filled with tips on generating online money, which I think most of you already know lah!

It is intended for PPP later, to write those financial related opportunities. I'm waiting for it to be 'matured', at least 3 months old, before I can submit for PPP approval.

Later, I think I will slowly add in other more interesting stuff, if I have the time.

I'm trying to segmentize my blogs, so I won't have too many rojak ones.

Chernobil Rabbits

Don't let any rabbits escape! Shoot all them with 5 choices of weapons, and buy ammos when you earn enough credit (by killing rabbits).

Play Chernobil Rabbits!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Miss Nevada USA Lost Title

It is actually quite entertaining watching beauty contests, and following its news (or scandals!) after the contests.

2 days ago, Miss USA Tara Conner was finally allowed to keep her tiara when she agreed to go under alcohol rehab. A day ago, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (anti-drunken driving group) cut its tie with Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, because she was spotted partying with Miss USA Tara Conner in NY clubs.

And now, Miss Nevada USA Katie Rees lost her title! Shocking photos of her partying in Tampa, Fla., was published on the internet. In the photos, she was seen kissing other young women, exposing one of her breasts, and pulling down her pants to show her thong underwear at a party in Tampa, Fla.

Some of her photos can be found here. Warning: discretion viewing is advised.

More on this news, visit here and here.

Babu Taiwan Cuisin

Went to do scaling of my teeth during lunch just now. After that, on my way picking up my car, I passed by this Babu Taiwan Cuisin at Desa Sri Hartamas. I was hungry, in a hurry, so I simply asked the guys standing outside, any food that I can pack and go.

They recommended the beef noodle. From the picture, it looks tasty.

I then changed my mind, and chose to dine in. It was served pretty quickly.

Not sure whether I was too hungry or the soup was just so nice, the taste was just fantastic. Well, I think the noodle is not the type that I like - a bit like the Pan Mee in town. I prefer thin noodle more than this fatty type. But then, when I drank the soup, it is just too nice that I could finish the whole bowl of noodle within seconds.

I am usually a slow eater, especially when it comes to hot soup noodles. So, the speed of me finishing this bowl of beef noodle really proves that it is very tasty.

The meal costed me RM15.60. Not cheap. Could have just pack at Burger King drive-through. For the sake of the tasty soup, okay lah!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Flam Restaurant, Bangsar

We were supposed to lunch in Prime in Meridien Hotel, but some colleague had to rush back for a meeting.

This morning we decided to change the venue to Flam, Bangsar. I was asked to make reservation for 10 pax. Such a simple task, but I couldn't do it! The restaurant simply didn't have anyone answer my phone, from 9am till 11:45am! I gave up, we just headed straight there.

Well, it only opens at 12noon, and apart from us, there was no other table opened! So, I could have saved my energy for calling them. Darn!

Anyway, about the restaurant... Their main food is flam, like thin pizzas, slightly softer. Well, actuall I think flam is tastier than pizza, coz it has less flour dough. ;)

We had 3 flams and a dozen of escargots for sharing, as appetizers. Each of us ordered a soup (or salad) and a main course. Mine was wild mushroom soup and a homemade ravioli. I was eyeing on the crepe suzette, as I love crepe a lot. 2 weeks ago, I had crepe 3 days consecutively! in Crown Plaza Mutiara Hotel, KL.

The mushroom soup is very thick and full with wild mushrooms - tasted okay only, coz it was not hot enough - I like hot soups. The ravioli is excellent. It has duck mousse inside. Outside, it is served with duck breast meats and slices of shitake mushrooms. If you take them separately, they are very nice. But, if you put all three together into your mouth --> hmmmmmm! They compliments each other so well that... whew, we were speachless for a moment.

I was so full at the end of it. Couldn't finish my main course, not to even order my dessert. :( Maybe I should skip the mushroom soup, and share my main course with someone else!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Chyna Restaurant, Hilton KL

Chyna is my boss's favourite Chinese restaurant in town. Whenever there are guests from overseas, she'd bring them there for lunch. Only if it is fully booked then we go elsewhere.

The restaurant has a very good ambience. We like the deco very much - all other hotels' Chinese restaurants really cannot beat it. They are luxurious, yet in harmony and not overly done.

When seated, there will be a 'Tea Master' serves complimentary ginseng tea, with their kungfu moves. I am always very stressed whenever being served like this, afraid that the hot tea will be on me instead. :P

Food quality is very good. We usually eat DimSum and vegetables. I love the almond coated deep fried prawn (not sure what's the name), the batter itself is already full with fragrant, and the prawn is succulently juicy and fresh. The fried yam cake is also very yummy - even the most critical Hong Kong guest we have, cannot find fault with it!

Yesterday, my boss ordered a new dish. It is a deep fried (now only I realise all are deepfried!) round dimsum: chicken charsiew (Chinese BBQ) wrapped with glutinous rice flour. It is like chicken charsiew deep fried omochi! Very oily, but very tasty.

For all other dimsum, I still prefer those in non-halal restaurants, coz I like pork instead of chicken in dimsum. :)

Apart from dimsum, Peking duck would usually be ordered too. I don't fancy Peking duck, but I like the noodle that is fried with its meat. This one in Chyna is particularly tasty, I think it is mostly contributed by the quality of noodle.

For dessert, many like the soy milk with 'SuetKapGou' (winter frog gel - a Chinese delicacy, made from fat layer of frogs' ovary - sounds disgusting, but most Chinese don't know what it is made, so no fuss!).

Service is okay, except that the speed is rather slow. They require 20 to 30 minutes to serve fruits, as they cut them fresh upon request. But then, freshness will be guaranteed!

It is not cheap though. We usually end up paying RM500 to 900, depends on pax. The last team lunch, I paid RM800+ for table of 10! That's why we like to visit here for team lunch - none would like to pay this on their own. :P

Chyna is located on the second floor of the KL Hilton Hotel. Reservation is required (no reservations, no entry). For reservation, call + 60-3-2264 2264.

P/s: This is my own personal review based on true experience. I received nothing for writing this.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lower Back Under Pressure

"At every moment, even when we sleep, our spinal column is subject to constraints.

Researchers measured the pressure exerted at the level of the two inter-vertebral discs, corresponding to the vertebra L5 and S1. This pressure varies according to each one of our postures, going from 25 kilos in sleeping position, to 50 kilos when we stand up, 140 kilos in sitting position, 150 kilos when we incline ourselves slightly (position of the vacuum cleaner) and 300 kilos when we lean our legs and hands on the ground to take an object.

If one adds the additional pressure exerted by some movement, like raising a load of 20 kilos, one arrives at a pressure of almost 500 kilos on this unhappy disc. The pains and the damage that a bad movement can involve is astonishing."

Received the above in an email. My ex-boss has a slipped disc. She told me that actually in a sitting position, angle between the upper and lower torsor is 90 degree, it is the most strainfull position for the lower back.

Our lower back's spinal disc is most relaxed when we are in sleeping position. So, don't sit up for too long - walking is even better than sitting.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Lost TV Series

Have you watched the ABC drama series Lost? I love it very much, but keep missing the show, as I don't have satelite TV at home.

I have to catch it on DVD, and it is not live! :(

Discovered this site that provides transcripts - but I only read them after I watch it, don't want to spoil the scene!

The story is about 48 people being stranded on an island after their plane crashed. Each episode shows the past life of 1 or 2 of them, how it affects their reactions and lifes in the island.

Some people's life is very interesting, but some are quite boring. I particularly like Hurley's (the big guy) story, it makes me feel spooky, goose bumps all come out! I find Michael's story is most boring, sometimes make me sleepy. Sawyer is a wierd guy, sometimes his story is interesting, but most of the time repeating confirming his character, no?

It is now showing season 3 in US. Finally, there is something to look forward to catch.

Notice to US Bound Travellers

Below picked from recent CAS (Corporate Affairs Secutiry) report:

  • In late November ASI issued a notice to business travellers concerning an increase in authority of the CBP “to seize and scrutinize contents of laptops without explanation."
  • This search creates the potential for the loss of Company information as files, presentations and media storage devices may be displayed or left behind.
  • CBP officers are trained to crosscheck arriving passengers against lists of known criminal or import/export offenders and other persons of interest. They are also trained to identify unusual traveller behaviours that require a greater degree of scrutiny.
  • CBP has broad authority – beyond typical law enforcement - to conduct warrant-less searches of travellers and goods at international points of entry such as airports, ports, and border crossings. Note: Travellers have not officially entered the US until after clearing both Immigration and Customs.

Desa Park City - Future Development

There have been questions around the Desa Parkcity's future development of their Commercial Centre, Hypermarket and Hospital.

Though I am very sure I've read about those last year, I couldn't find the news online any more. I took the liberty to call the developer's office at +603 21669900 to enquire the detail.

Very disappointed to hear that project Quaritz, the commercial centre, is now put on-hold, pending management's review.

As for the hypermarket and hospital, the sales person told me it is in their plan for future development, but refused to reveal more as "she doesn't have the detail to share".

According to her, the club house will be completed by 'end of this year', which I am not quite sure of her answer - I thought we are already in 'end of this year', aren't we?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tanjong Jara Resort

Our department very rich one… Teambuilding and meeting is conducted at Tanjong Jara Resort, Terengganu. I heard that the rate is extremely expensive, but since company is paying, I don’t bother lah!

Flew in this morning, had some time to wade the pool and looked around. Can’t afford the SPA: RM600 for a package of 3 hours, or RM200 for a simple 50 min massage. Don’t think it is worthy to spend that money!

I don’t think this is a great place lah! It is supposed to be something like Pangkor Laut concept, but no where there. Took some photos, but not nice, no need to show lah.

Will be back to KL on Friday, then attend the CPR course organized by MMB… really looking forward to this – will be meeting msau ler. :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Desa Park City – Buyers Racial Profile

I have always drooled to get a house in DPC, but just can’t understand why it is so expensive since it is seated in Kepong area.

It is in the triangle of Kepong Baru, Kepong Menjalara and Kepong Maluri. But the price is like Damansara’s price.

Anyway, this morning my friend sent me this
link about the buyers’ profile of their phase 1A and 1B. We guess Phase 1A is Safa Terrace and 1B is Nadia.

Safar Terrace only has 135 units, and 92% buyers are Chinese.
Nadia has 165 double/triple storey houses (no data for the 246 condo units yet), 89% buyers are Chinese.

We wonder where these Chinese are from… I guess they are mostly from Kepong/Jinjang/Selayang or at least stayed in Kepong area before.

If you are a DPC buyer reading this post now, and is a Chinese, please let us know where were you from? :D

Monday, November 27, 2006

Old Man with His Dog + Shit

There is this old man around my in-law's house, who likes to bring his dog to shit and pee at neighbours' house. He is really irritating.

My MIL saw him doing it again the other day, ON our staircase, she asked him to go elsewhere. Guess what he said?

Old man: "Pee only mah, why are you so concrned about it?" (小便而已, 这么紧张做什么?)

MIL: "Wah, pee ONLY? Since you are ok with it why don't you let your dog do it in your house? What about letting my dog pee at your house? Are you ok with that?"

This old man then walked over to the other neighbour and let his dog pee and shit there. MIL also asked him not to do, but he just ignored.

And then... this fella, he keeps coming back to our house, trying to challenge us. Whenever MIL can't see him, we will have the shit/pee. I intend to snap his photo, catching him doing this in action. Not sure our law is the same as HK? The other day Dodo Cheng hosted a program said we can sue this dog owner... Wonder if I can use his photo to sue him and teach him a lesson?! Terrible old man.

Irritating Junk Mails With Large Attachments

I am quite slow with my blog reading. Today only read about 5xmom’s Email Forwards.

I also hate junk mails a lot, especially junk mails with large attachments when I am traveling.

During travel, I have to work on emails at night (daytime usually occupied with meetings). Imagine: me, sitting in front of my machine at 1am, waiting for my emails to be downloaded, and these junk mail with 3MB each jammed the traffic… I often have to let the machine run for 2 hours, before I can start work at 3am.

The big files usually are transforms of simple 10 sentences advice/poem/rubbish into big huge PowerPoint full of pictures. When that happens, I really curse the sender. Don’t expect me to read those at that hour – so I normally just delete them without reading.

Sorry if you happen to be one of my readers, I am just being frank with you and let you know how I feel and how inconvenient it has caused to me.

Another story to share re junk mails – how I have innocently offended my friend.

3 years ago when I took a long leave to attend my wedding, before I left I sent an email to my friends to inform them about my long absence and urged them not to send any junk mails as it may flood my inbox when I return to work. That email was sent to ALL my friends.

One fella replied with anger, and claimed that he has never and will not send me junk mails, and he is so upset with my note that he will not send me ANY emails in the future. We stopped communicating in mails after that.

Such an over sensitive person! A man some more. NVM lah, if he can’t take that kind of notification email, I don’t think he is an understanding friend anyway, no loses at my end.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Madam Show-Off

I went to DH’s relatives wedding dinner. On the same table, there was this woman who really like to show off. She is DH’s auntie whom I have never met. The first thing she said when she sat down was:
“PL (my SIL), you are so fat already!”

SIL: “Is it? So I look prettier now.” (SIL Smile, and I think she was smart.)

Mdm S/O: “Now a lot of people go to gym. My daughter is already so thin, and she still goes to gym.”

Mdm S/O: “My daughter just came back from Canada. Tar College wanted her to teach there so badly. She is very good and popular, and everyone wanted to employ her. But she still wants to go back to Canada, so she only taught for 2 months and already flew back loh.”

That was still fine. Later, she kept showing off how wealthy she is, she doesn’t have to work, she goes high up (Genting) everyday to play (gamble), etc.

And then, suddenly the arrow pointed at me.

“My DIL is now conceiving her 3rd baby. She is having one child a year, a very good DIL. You should behave like her lah…”

I really hate people pushing others to have children. Before I had Ian I already hated it. How do you know the person you speak to doesn’t want any children? I have a friend, who wanted so badly, tried so hard, but still have no child. Whenever she is asked this question, she is so sad! Another friend has to spend over 10k for test-tube baby, but still no results. How can these people be so cruel?

Anyway, back to this woman… I kept quiet when she said that. I just chit chat with my FIL. Actually we discussed about this woman lah, both of us cannot tolerate her. Suddenly she called me again.

“Nowadays DIL and FIL or MIL are like friends…”
(FIL and I laughed; we thought that was a compliment, but then…)

“… I am a very good MIL, I treat m DIL very well, even beyond friends… I let her sleep until 12 noon, unlike some of the other MILs. My DIL just needs to give birth to my grandchildren (you think she is a pig ah?). We hire a maid for her. Maid takes care of her children and she doesn't need to do house work as well. When I am outside, I will sure rush home to cook for her. She doesn’t even need to cook…”

I wanted to speak for my MIL, so I said, “My MIL is also very good to me. Whenever I worked from home, she would go out to buy lunch for me, worried I might get hungry…”

Mdm S/O: “My DIL doesn’t have to work, she is very ‘hor-miah’ (unlike me??). Only my daughter works, THAT IS BECAUSE SHE IS JUST TOO GOOD AND TOO SMART NOT TO WORK!”

I almost vomit blood on the spot.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Someone In My Hotel Room!

Well, that didn’t happen to me, it happened to my colleague a couple of weeks ago.

He took a late night flight and arrived at the hotel (5 star) past midnight. After checking-in, he walked to the room himself with just 1 small luggage. When he opened the door, he found there was another lady guest sleeping on the bed.

She was sleeping so deeply, and didn’t even know someone has entered the room!

He quietly closed the door and went to the reception made a fuss. They replaced his room, and apologized with a basket of 1 PIECE OF BANANA AND APPLE! Of course nothing to the lady because she didn’t even know.

So, lesson learnt: Always lock your door from inside when you stay in hotel room. Anything can happen to you.

Actually I always lock my door, but sometimes we (including my boss and other colleagues) do forget. This usually happens when we order room service. After the staff delivers the food, HE closes the door – so that is when we forget to lock it from inside!

I must remember this story, so it doesn’t happen to me…

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Maggots Nightmare

Many years ago when I was still schooling… on CNY 3rd day… at 3am I returned home with my then boy friend (now DH).

As I was walking towards my room, which is the last one after passing through the kitchen… suddenly felt something not quite right.

OMG! Some little white moving things – MAGGOTS EVERYWHERE – on the floor, on the wall, on the kitchen table, and in front of my room!

How did it happen? We found out there was a pot of leftover rice that my mom forgot to clear before she left to Bali after Makan Besar. That pot of rice has grown so much of maggots that it couldn’t contain them – all crawled out and invaded into every spaces they could!

It took me and my BF 2 hours to kill and clear them. It was so GELI! I have many nights of bad dreams, and STILL have the same nightmare sometime now. It is so DISGUSTING! Yulk! Yulk! Yulk! Ptui! Ptui! Thinking about the scene makes me shivering again…

Imagine to WALK ON LOTS OF MAGGOTS that are still alive and moving! We had to walk on them, otherwise we can’t clear them – all utilities are at the back of the house, we must walk pass them… Really want to throw out again thinking back about it!

Luckily in front of my room there is a barrier that blocks them from entering my room. I don't want to imagine what would happen without that barrier.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Buying Houses

Simon blogged about buying houses. Yes, how difficult to buy a house, especially landed properties. It is just like chasing a dream that can never come true.

6 years ago, we wanted to buy a house to get married. We could only afford RM150k max. Houses that we wanted cost at least RM250k. We gave up, bought a small apartment.

2 years later, we though we were ready to buy RM250k house. Checked the price – can’t afford again, because price has increased to RM360k minimum.

Waited another 2 years price went up to RM450k. And now, a 2-storey terrace house in Desa Park City, which is located in Kepong, just next to my mom’s area, is asking for RM600k!!!

Who said Kepong area very cheapskate? RM600k! Just because of different branding? My God! It is nearer to my mom’s house in Kepong, compared to my current apartment, and it is priced like a 1U or Damansara area.

So, buying a house is really like chasing a dream than will never come true… for me.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Market Research (Survey)

Last weekend, I read about Msau’s blog about being conned by people using survey as a tool. I am working in market research industry, dealing with survey projects day in day out. We face a lot of difficulties in convincing people we are carrying out genuine market research – high refusal rate, thanks to these con men.

Anyway, coming back to the point. Genuine market research does not give gifts (we call ‘token of appreciation’ or ‘incentives’) by ‘CHANCE’. It is usually a standard gift for all respondents (people who participates the survey). Normal house-to-house or office-to-office interviews usually are without gifts or low value (RM10 max); e.g. pen, towel, mug, etc. Value of gifts depends on length of interview and subject. If it is a business-to-business interview, value of gifts would likely be higher; e.g. Selangor Pewter product that worths around RM50-200 (depends on how difficult is the subject).

We don’t give out incentives based on ‘your luck’. If we give, every respondent gets the same thing. There is no such thing as ‘scratch and win’.

There were a few occasions when interviewers come to my house. I always let them interview, as I understand how difficult their task is (am now with client side so qualified). However, I always get disappointed when it comes to the end of the interview – the interviewers would say that ‘as a token of appreciation, we are giving out gifts… it depends on your luck what you will be getting…’. The moment they said it depends on my luck, I knew it was a fake research. I immediately told them to leave – without even to see my ‘luck’ what I was getting. I was sure I would get something great – con man punya style mah!

So, you have my word – genuine market research will not tell you that your gifts depend on your luck. If you get something, it is always carried in their bag – you get it immediately after interview completed. If you don’t want the gift, they will leave it at your doorstep, because one of the QC we check on their work is whether they give out the gift or not (so the interviewers will not keep the gifts and sell it for side income).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Buying Unit Trusts with EPF

I have just opened an account with Public Mutual Fund, using my EPF fund. Didn’t know I could do it until this week. How it works?

There are a few rules here:

  • EPF account 1 (the biggest among the three) must have more than RM50k.
  • RM50k in the account 1 cannot be withdrawn.
  • 20% of the balance (minus RM50k) can be used at any one time to buy unit trusts.
  • Once account is opened & paid by EPF fund, it cannot be topped up with cash.
  • EPF account 1 can be withdrawn every 3 months to top up. Same rules above applies for every withdrawal (20% of the balance after minus RM50k).
  • After selling the trust, the capital and profit will have to go back to EPF.

Since the EPF’s interest is not good, if you think unit trusts can give you better return, why not invest in it using the EPF money?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Friends Are Reading My Blog!

Yesterday, I received an email from an ex-colleague. She wrote:

How are you? Read from your blog that u're trying for no. 2. Wish U Luck. Inform me when you have good news already.

Also read that probably u're going to wean Ian from breastfeeding. You have done a lot - now is time for you relax while trying for 2nd baby.
p/s never taught that u r very good in writing... keep writing. enjoy reading ur posting!

And then (separate mail after I asked her how she came across my blog)…

That day i browse through mymombest and happen to see your blog address. Quickly surf and read a few posting ... since i know you then reading ur posting become very interesting, can imagine you urself are telling all those stories. try to read other blogs but can't seem understand the whole stories.

Promote ur blog to XXXX and she also likes it. We both feel very sad to read ur posting 'never lie to ur boss'....ermmm..

I never knew I’ve got supporters from my old pals! I am so happy about it, and it makes me want to keep my blog going. And I didn't even know they also a member of MMB!

Well, knowing my friends are reading my blog, it also gives some pressure to me as well. Must keep on writing and updating myself. One form of encouragement for me too!

Oh, guess what? My DH also doesn’t know my blog ler!

One day while we were talking, I casually told him about my blog. He was surprised and curious to find out what I wrote about Ian, but I refused to tell him the URL. Hehe, I am very wicked one, I asked him to search the URL if he is really interested. I think he is not very interested lah, so until now he never bother to ask me again and he has not discovered this URL yet.

Actually har, if he really wants to find out, there is many ways. Isn’t it?

P/s: MM, hope you don’t mind ya, I post your email? Just feel so happy about this and must keep it a record. :p

Friday, October 13, 2006

Choose to Look Fat or Old?

Well, let me put this in a more positive manner: when you age, you have only 2 choices in terms of look: slim/thin OR young – cannot be both.

Many women want to look slim and they always envy people who are skinny or bony. They thought it makes them look pretty. But is it true? Is it all about weight that makes people look good?

Many women who look much older than their age, and the common things they share are: cheeky face, skinny body, deep eye socket and, of course wrinkles.

There are also many women who look much younger than their age. They have one thing in common: MEATY (plump, or Hokkien say: wu bak 有肉).

Look at the HongKong actresses who look younger than their age. We have 薛家燕, 沈澱霞, etc. I believe if they both lose their weight they will look very old!

My mom used to be very plump. I thought she looked good – round face, hearty and young look. Then she listened to her friends and took diet pills + diet tea etc. She successfully lost so much of weight.

But, she now looks at least 10 years older than before she lost her weight!!

Probably it was the fat and round face that pulls the skin tightly, so wrinkles don’t appear? I don’t know the scientific reasons behind this.

Bottom line is: What is more important to women? To look thin (but old), or to look young (but plump)? Well, not many of us can look both slim AND young. So you can chose only one.

I chose to look young. So I am trying to put some weight now. This gives me all excuses to eat my favorite food – chocolate, nasi lemak, laksa. :p LOL!!!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


I am reviving this blog. Need to have different blog sites to cater for different topics. This way, I can better organize my posts, and I think my visitors will enjoy more. Currently everything is quite mixed up.

I plan to keep this blog away from parenting and personal stuff. Will try to post more interesting stuff, but that would mean more research and more work. That's my mission. Hope I can make it.