Sunday, June 29, 2008

MAS Regional Lounge

It has been quite a while I didn't travel to Singapore. Didn't know there are so many changes. There is no more shuttle flights, so we cannot just go and get whatever available!

And then at the KLIA, in the past, to use the MAS Golden Lounge, we have to go to the Satellite terminal after the train. Since Singapore (and some other destinations) terminal is G, i.e. at the main terminal (near passport control), we have to make very long trip to and fro.

This time, when I went to Singapore, I nearly missed the new MAS Regional Golden Lounge, located at the G terminals. It is one the left of the train 'station'. I almost missed it and boarded the train, coz I checked in at KL Sentral no one informed me!

This is a pretty new lounge, full with Zen concept.

Regional Lounge

Very comfortable and pleasant. Their TVs are kind of 'built' into the mirro' Their kids play area is also nice - see pic below, the little room behind the pillars. On the left with blue lights is the TV.
Regional Lounge 2

Very pleasant lounge, but a bit quiet though...

Friday, June 27, 2008

View from 56th floor

I went to Singapore for a conference in mid June, and stayed at SwissOtel The Stamford. When I arrived, it was nearly midnight, and the reception told me that King size bedroom wasn't available and would put me in 2 single bed type, located on 7th floor.

I insisted that I wanted a King size bed. Well, not that I am huge or really need a big bed, neither nor that I am demanding... It is just some personal forbia. I always try to avoid having an extra bed in the room... afraid of inviting unwanted 'guest'!

So, I told the girl I really cannot accept 2 beds in the room. She can put me in a room with a small bed, but not an extra bed. She finally talked to the manager and put me on 56th floor! See, they have, but higher floor, so wouldn't give it to me - perhaps higher price?

Whew! The room was spectacular! The moment I entered the room, what greeted me was this view! They actually provide a balcony for people to enjoy the scene. Though I was very afraid of the height, I still opened the glass door and stepped outside to take some pictures.

Night View

And here is the view during the day...
Day View

You can see the Singapore Flyer (spelling?) there! I also saw the DHL hot air balloon from my window. Wonder why would people sit in that tied-up hotair balloon, what view would they see?!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Doorless Toilet vs 5-star Toilet

I have heard so much about the toilets in China before but have never really used those. What I’ve heard was: toilets are without door not flush.

In the past, when I was in China, I tried to go to places with modern toilet facilities. So far, haven’t been exposed to this type of toilets, until my recent Lijiang Trip.

After visiting the Tiger Leaping Gorge, while we were at the First Bay of Changjiang River, we stopped at a site that is less visited. And here, we saw this type of toilet for the first time!

traditional toilet without door

They only have a drain that connects a few ‘units’ of toilets. And each unit has walls that are about waist height. All are WITHOUT door. So, users have to go in and pull down the pants and squat down – with all the processes viewable by other users. This is what we felt very uncomfortable.

Luckily, there were only the 3 of us, no other visitors/users. We told each others – “DON’T LOOK!”! LOL! As if others are interested to look at you! :p

Oh, BTW, even in modern toilets, we have seen people squat down doing BIG business, without closing the door, and they were facing OUT. Aiyoh! I guess they are just not used to having toilets with doors. LOL!

In comparison to these Traditional Toilets, we found this “5-star toilets” at the Yunnan Nationalities Village.
5 star toilet

I went to this toilet, and immediately I laughed-out-loud! They even provide TV on the wall. So, you won’t miss your favorite program, even if you have to go to the toilet. Hahahahah!