Friday, June 27, 2008

View from 56th floor

I went to Singapore for a conference in mid June, and stayed at SwissOtel The Stamford. When I arrived, it was nearly midnight, and the reception told me that King size bedroom wasn't available and would put me in 2 single bed type, located on 7th floor.

I insisted that I wanted a King size bed. Well, not that I am huge or really need a big bed, neither nor that I am demanding... It is just some personal forbia. I always try to avoid having an extra bed in the room... afraid of inviting unwanted 'guest'!

So, I told the girl I really cannot accept 2 beds in the room. She can put me in a room with a small bed, but not an extra bed. She finally talked to the manager and put me on 56th floor! See, they have, but higher floor, so wouldn't give it to me - perhaps higher price?

Whew! The room was spectacular! The moment I entered the room, what greeted me was this view! They actually provide a balcony for people to enjoy the scene. Though I was very afraid of the height, I still opened the glass door and stepped outside to take some pictures.

Night View

And here is the view during the day...
Day View

You can see the Singapore Flyer (spelling?) there! I also saw the DHL hot air balloon from my window. Wonder why would people sit in that tied-up hotair balloon, what view would they see?!

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flats4party said...

WoW!!! Awsome sightseeing!!! I wanna room there, or an appartemnt or something!!!

Cheers, nice website!