Friday, October 27, 2006

Market Research (Survey)

Last weekend, I read about Msau’s blog about being conned by people using survey as a tool. I am working in market research industry, dealing with survey projects day in day out. We face a lot of difficulties in convincing people we are carrying out genuine market research – high refusal rate, thanks to these con men.

Anyway, coming back to the point. Genuine market research does not give gifts (we call ‘token of appreciation’ or ‘incentives’) by ‘CHANCE’. It is usually a standard gift for all respondents (people who participates the survey). Normal house-to-house or office-to-office interviews usually are without gifts or low value (RM10 max); e.g. pen, towel, mug, etc. Value of gifts depends on length of interview and subject. If it is a business-to-business interview, value of gifts would likely be higher; e.g. Selangor Pewter product that worths around RM50-200 (depends on how difficult is the subject).

We don’t give out incentives based on ‘your luck’. If we give, every respondent gets the same thing. There is no such thing as ‘scratch and win’.

There were a few occasions when interviewers come to my house. I always let them interview, as I understand how difficult their task is (am now with client side so qualified). However, I always get disappointed when it comes to the end of the interview – the interviewers would say that ‘as a token of appreciation, we are giving out gifts… it depends on your luck what you will be getting…’. The moment they said it depends on my luck, I knew it was a fake research. I immediately told them to leave – without even to see my ‘luck’ what I was getting. I was sure I would get something great – con man punya style mah!

So, you have my word – genuine market research will not tell you that your gifts depend on your luck. If you get something, it is always carried in their bag – you get it immediately after interview completed. If you don’t want the gift, they will leave it at your doorstep, because one of the QC we check on their work is whether they give out the gift or not (so the interviewers will not keep the gifts and sell it for side income).

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Buying Unit Trusts with EPF

I have just opened an account with Public Mutual Fund, using my EPF fund. Didn’t know I could do it until this week. How it works?

There are a few rules here:

  • EPF account 1 (the biggest among the three) must have more than RM50k.
  • RM50k in the account 1 cannot be withdrawn.
  • 20% of the balance (minus RM50k) can be used at any one time to buy unit trusts.
  • Once account is opened & paid by EPF fund, it cannot be topped up with cash.
  • EPF account 1 can be withdrawn every 3 months to top up. Same rules above applies for every withdrawal (20% of the balance after minus RM50k).
  • After selling the trust, the capital and profit will have to go back to EPF.

Since the EPF’s interest is not good, if you think unit trusts can give you better return, why not invest in it using the EPF money?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Friends Are Reading My Blog!

Yesterday, I received an email from an ex-colleague. She wrote:

How are you? Read from your blog that u're trying for no. 2. Wish U Luck. Inform me when you have good news already.

Also read that probably u're going to wean Ian from breastfeeding. You have done a lot - now is time for you relax while trying for 2nd baby.
p/s never taught that u r very good in writing... keep writing. enjoy reading ur posting!

And then (separate mail after I asked her how she came across my blog)…

That day i browse through mymombest and happen to see your blog address. Quickly surf and read a few posting ... since i know you then reading ur posting become very interesting, can imagine you urself are telling all those stories. try to read other blogs but can't seem understand the whole stories.

Promote ur blog to XXXX and she also likes it. We both feel very sad to read ur posting 'never lie to ur boss'....ermmm..

I never knew I’ve got supporters from my old pals! I am so happy about it, and it makes me want to keep my blog going. And I didn't even know they also a member of MMB!

Well, knowing my friends are reading my blog, it also gives some pressure to me as well. Must keep on writing and updating myself. One form of encouragement for me too!

Oh, guess what? My DH also doesn’t know my blog ler!

One day while we were talking, I casually told him about my blog. He was surprised and curious to find out what I wrote about Ian, but I refused to tell him the URL. Hehe, I am very wicked one, I asked him to search the URL if he is really interested. I think he is not very interested lah, so until now he never bother to ask me again and he has not discovered this URL yet.

Actually har, if he really wants to find out, there is many ways. Isn’t it?

P/s: MM, hope you don’t mind ya, I post your email? Just feel so happy about this and must keep it a record. :p

Friday, October 13, 2006

Choose to Look Fat or Old?

Well, let me put this in a more positive manner: when you age, you have only 2 choices in terms of look: slim/thin OR young – cannot be both.

Many women want to look slim and they always envy people who are skinny or bony. They thought it makes them look pretty. But is it true? Is it all about weight that makes people look good?

Many women who look much older than their age, and the common things they share are: cheeky face, skinny body, deep eye socket and, of course wrinkles.

There are also many women who look much younger than their age. They have one thing in common: MEATY (plump, or Hokkien say: wu bak 有肉).

Look at the HongKong actresses who look younger than their age. We have 薛家燕, 沈澱霞, etc. I believe if they both lose their weight they will look very old!

My mom used to be very plump. I thought she looked good – round face, hearty and young look. Then she listened to her friends and took diet pills + diet tea etc. She successfully lost so much of weight.

But, she now looks at least 10 years older than before she lost her weight!!

Probably it was the fat and round face that pulls the skin tightly, so wrinkles don’t appear? I don’t know the scientific reasons behind this.

Bottom line is: What is more important to women? To look thin (but old), or to look young (but plump)? Well, not many of us can look both slim AND young. So you can chose only one.

I chose to look young. So I am trying to put some weight now. This gives me all excuses to eat my favorite food – chocolate, nasi lemak, laksa. :p LOL!!!