Sunday, June 29, 2008

MAS Regional Lounge

It has been quite a while I didn't travel to Singapore. Didn't know there are so many changes. There is no more shuttle flights, so we cannot just go and get whatever available!

And then at the KLIA, in the past, to use the MAS Golden Lounge, we have to go to the Satellite terminal after the train. Since Singapore (and some other destinations) terminal is G, i.e. at the main terminal (near passport control), we have to make very long trip to and fro.

This time, when I went to Singapore, I nearly missed the new MAS Regional Golden Lounge, located at the G terminals. It is one the left of the train 'station'. I almost missed it and boarded the train, coz I checked in at KL Sentral no one informed me!

This is a pretty new lounge, full with Zen concept.

Regional Lounge

Very comfortable and pleasant. Their TVs are kind of 'built' into the mirro' Their kids play area is also nice - see pic below, the little room behind the pillars. On the left with blue lights is the TV.
Regional Lounge 2

Very pleasant lounge, but a bit quiet though...


e s t a n c u s said...

heyya mummy suzette! lol. so glamourous hor the lounge? haha.. thnx for swinging by :-D

Dasril Iteza said...

Zen concept? cool...