Saturday, May 31, 2008

Unpleasant Experience in Kunming

So far, there were a few cases of people trying to cheat us, meeting with unfriendly or rude people, but nothing beat this!

It happened in the Kunming airport. Look, I have been traveling a lot, otherwise I wouldn’t be running this travel blog. I’ve flew a lot, including to places like Pakistan. Nothing beat the uncivilized treatment in Kunming airport.

There wasn’t any clear direction and there wasn’t any real queue at all. You can queue on a line for half an hour and got bumped off when it is your turn. Every counter is busy, no one would monitor the queues.

This was what happened to us. We queued for nearly 30 minutes, and when there was just one couple in front of us, suddenly this guy rushed in and asked us to “excuse him”. At first I thought he wanted to ask something at the counter, but no heck! He was jumping queue.

The issue is, he wasn’t just jumping our queue, he even jumped the queue for the couple in front of us – whom the counter was serving half way! And the airline staff allowed that to happen. I mean, if you are serving this couple, why do you turn and serve this man.

The worst thing is, he doesn’t just represent a person. When he is in the ‘queue’, his luggage all arrived:

KM airport

These are his luggage, and apparently he was checking in for a group! This airport is bad because they do not provide group check-in counter. And I believe that IS the root cause to the mess.

This not only happened to our line, but to all lines. I hope the Yunnan government do something about it, or it would hinder people away…


alitta said...

I've heard about the turmoil in China, I've always wanted to go though hehe :D

My Personal Finance Blog said...

lol alitta you want to go through turmoil?

allthingspurple said...

queue jumping happened a lot at anchor stores here too, and at Tesco/Carrefour over the weekends. usually those loud voiced women would pretend they didnt see our stares, but the cashier served them anyhow.

Thing is, I think majority of Malaysian by nature hates confrontations, because very rarely a person dare to voice his/her objections. Usually I am the only one who raise objections, and all others in the queue transfer their stares to me. Rather annoying, both the queue jumper allowers and the queue jumper.

Jys said...

I also faced this jump queue thing when i went to HK. There's a lot of tourists from china and all of them (young, old) jump queues whenever they want!!

really geram!!

KittyCat said...

Umm...queue jumpers are everywhere in China, even if there are only 2 people in front of you! LOL

That's what living with a 1.3 billion population means :)

Take it from me - I'm living in China now